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Denver Boudoir Photography: Bold. Confident. Beautiful. Different.

Denver Boudoir photography has been trending upward for the last few years.  The first time I was asked to do this for a bride was in 2008.  For the next couple of years it was something that I did not market or even suggest to my wedding clients, but the requests continued to come.  In 2010, my own life changed drastically in a way that resulted in my looking for new possibilities within my photography business.  Up until that point I was a “wedding specialist”, and any other kinds of photo shoots were done by request only.  I was worried that marketing portrait or boudoir photography would dilute the wedding brand I had worked so hard to build.  When I attended photography school at the Brooks Institute of Photography back in 2000-2003, there was a lot of talk about “specializing”- and the idea was that as a photographer, (or any professional for that matter) a “specialist of everything, was a master of nothing.”

I had been doing portrait work for my wedding clients over the years as their families grew.  I had been doing boudoir photography as well.  I just wasn’t telling people about it.  But… then I did.  In 2010 I changed my website and added sections for maternity photos, baby photos, family photos, and boudoir.  And to my surprise, not only did it not “hurt” my wedding photography business, it helped!  All of a sudden I was showing the world that I could do more than just photograph a wedding- that I was a photographer that specialized in PEOPLE.  Brides saw that if they hired me as their wedding photographer, I would also potentially be their family photographer down the road.  Girls interested in boudoir photography saw that I could do that AND be their wedding photographer, or their family photographer…

Which brings me to now.  Denver boudoir photography is no longer a small sector of what I do, but a staple.  I get as many requests for boudoir photography (if not more) as I do for wedding photography.  My business has increased exponentially and all I had to do was share what I was already doing!  This summer I will be undergoing a massive remodel on my own home in order to create a live/work studio space that will be geared towards the boudoir and portrait photography work that I do.  I will be taking elements from all of the locations that have worked the best and incorporating them into a space of my own. In the meantime, I still partner with several hotels for these kinds of sessions, but as of this fall, the additional cost of a hotel suite will be a thing of the past!



Boudoir Photography Denver: On Location

Boudoir Photography Denver: When it comes to doing a boudoir session these days, if you want to do something different, you need to GO somewhere different!  And, yep, you guessed it- I found a new location that is AH-mazzzing!  The Arvada Tavern is an extra cool little bar & restaurant in Olde Town Arvada that was nice enough to open up early for us to do a photo shoot before things got cranking, like they do practically every night of the week.  With it’s 30′s style restoration/modern twist atmosphere, we had SO much to work with-I was in heaven.  Among other cool installations, there was an old school mirrored cigarette machine and phone booth, a fabulous bar, lots of cool black leather benches, an old wooden table, a stage (upstairs), wooden floors, mirrors, a wine wall…oh and not to mention my AMAZING client with a ridiculously rocking body and lots of confidence.  We had an absolute blast and my new friend, Adam, the bartender, made sure we got to try several of their fabulous and totally unique cocktails.  I can’t say enough good things about this place or this boudoir shoot.  And as usual, there are way more images that I was in love with, that are not shown here.

So you are asking yourself, “Can I do my boudoir shoot there??”  The answer is YES!  After all the fun we all had, I was invited to come back anytime with clients that want a similar experience.  And while there is nothing wrong with a more traditional location, like a hotel suite, I personally think that it’s the out of the box kinds of locations- outdoors, bars, swanky restaurants-that are going to be the hot new topic when it comes to doing boudoir photo shoots.  And I am ALL for it.  Bring me your ideas ladies, and I will help you make them sing.

Outdoor Boudoir Photography: Take Your Power Back

Outdoor Boudoir Photography: There are all kinds of reasons to do a boudoir photo shoot.  Maybe you are getting married and want to floor your groom.  Maybe you want to surprise your special someone with an unexpected gift for a holiday.  Or maybe you just want to do something for yourself.  If you don’t fall into the first two categories, but the last one resonates with you…more power to YOU!  We all experience difficult situations in our lives.  We all go through things that cause us heartbreak and pain, sorrow and grief.  That’s how life works when you are brave enough to love.  The good news?  The things that don’t kill us make us stronger.  Cliche, you ask?  Yes, perhaps.  But, there is a truth in that statement, cliche or not.

However, in my experience, there’s a catch.  When something devastating happens in your life, the only one that can really fix it for you, is you.  It’s a matter of changing your perspective and taking time to genuinely heal.  And perhaps most importantly, learning to love yourself.  Sometimes we need to be reminded of our innate beauty and of our strength.   Other people can help with that process, but at the end of the day, you are the only one that can control how you think about the events that have taken place, how you think about yourself, and how you want your life to look moving forward.

Four years ago something happened to me that changed my life forever.  In a nutshell, I lost my husband and my adopted son in one fell swoop while I was away on business, never to be seen or heard from again.  It was the most traumatic experience of my entire life and it took me a long time to come out of the darkness around that event.  Shortly after that happened I had a friend offer to do a boudoir photo shoot for me.  In the moment I didn’t understand how much impact that one hour would have on my life, but in looking back I have come to realize that it was the first step in relearning to see myself as a beautiful, powerful, and strong woman that deserves to be happy.

It didn’t all happen overnight, but it wasn’t until after that experience that began I realized the power of boudoir photography.  It’s an art form that takes you into your vulnerability- literally stripped- and brings you out on the other side with a new view of yourself.  It’s an experience that is, for most, scary and out of the box.  And yet, I have never photographed a woman in this way that has regretted the experience.  When you face things that scare you and you are brave enough to look at yourself in a new way, you grow.  I don’t claim to understand exactly how that works, just that it does.

If you or someone you know needs to be reminded of just how amazing and beautiful you/they are, call me.  I will help you see yourself in a way that will literally change the way you look at yourself and potentially your life.  That is a promise.

Denver Boudoir Photography: Should I have my makeup professionally done?

One of the questions I get asked a lot by clients who inquire about Denver boudoir photography is about professional make-up.  Most women want to know if the additional cost is worth it.  The short answer is YES!  Not only does having your make-up professionally done help the images “pop,” especially where the eyes are concerned, but it also helps you to relax and get yourself into the mood to be photographed.  It’s obviously not a necessity, but considering the special nature of a boudoir photo shoot, I personally think that having a little additional pampering done prior to the photos being taken, is well worth the cost (normally $175 for both hair and make-up).

My favorite make-up artist to work with on my boudoir shoots is Keegan Steele of Steele the Spotlight. Keegan is always punctual and professional and she always makes my clients feel amazing, not to mention, LOOK amazing!  I absolutely love her and recommend her whenever I am able.  Keegan is based in Fort Collins but is happy to travel to Denver (and anywhere in Colorado for that matter) whenever I have a shoot to do.  She is an absolute doll and I honestly can’t say enough positive things about her.  Oh and she supplies fake eyelashes too!  She has been a wonderful vendor to partner with, particularly in my wedding and boudoir business.

Even though I personally don’t know a lot (admittedly) about make-up application and generally don’t wear much of it myself, what I can tell you is that it makes a huge difference in the way my clients eyes shine in the photos I take of them.  It is my opinion that when you feel beautiful you ARE beautiful.  And if you are going to go to the trouble to book a boudoir session, shop for it, work out for it, and get yourself mentally and physically prepared, why not take that last step and have your make-up done too?  It’s the last step before the camera comes out and I have never had a single client regret having done it.  Case in point… Check out these beautiful images that Keegan did the make-up for!