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Outdoor Boudoir Photography: A little slice of Heaven

Outdoor Boudoir Photography:  There are several exciting new things happening inside of the boudoir umbrella of my business!  Firstly, the construction on my new boudoir studio that has been underway for the past 6 months is ALMOST done!  Which means starting in January 2015, I will have a gorgeous new space to photograph my boudoir clients.  Hotel fees will be a thing of the past and I will also be adding a make-up artist to my ranks so that I will be able to include professional hair and make-up services with all of my boudoir sessions.  Creating a fabulous new home studio has been something I have been dreaming about and working towards for the last 12 months and I am SO EXCITED to see it coming to fruition!

Secondly, I am getting ready to unveil the “Eden Collections”- a series of outdoor boudoir options for adventurous clients that are looking for an “out of the box” experience.  Imagine being surrounded by pristine Colorado mountain beauty on 3000+ acres of private land about 45 min from Denver located just outside of Idaho Springs.  And not only that, but I have been granted exclusive photographic access!  Outdoor boudoir photography is growing in popularity, and specifically in gorgeous, health-conscious states like Colorado.  This ranch and the Eden Collections are going to be a game changer starting early next spring.

For now, here is a little teaser to get your imagination running as wild as the great outdoors…

Denver Boudoir Photography: Classic American Beauty

Denver Boudoir Photography:  One of the questions I am always asked about my boudoir shoots is “How many images are included in your basic session?”  There are two answers.  First, the number of images I shoot in an hour, edited, is generally around 80-100/per hour.  Sometimes it’s more and sometimes it less (depending on lots of things) and these are what I call the “proofs,”  which I deliver via an online gallery.  Secondly, I also include 5 high resolution retouched favorites available for download.  That means that 5 favorite images are taken a step beyond our customized processing and retouched a level further to enhance the image to my artistic preferences.  And then you own it.  Of course, I am happy to “finish” as many images as you choose, but 5 are included.   We also have options for purchasing individual images ,as well as the entire set on DVD, books, prints, and more.

Here are the 5 (ok, 6) finished favorites from a recent boudoir shoot with a classic Colorado beauty.  I just love black and white boudoir images.  And given the simple set up we had with window light and a small bedroom, I think the vintage look is gorgeous and timeless. I also think this is a great example of small set of boudoir images, that didn’t cost a fortune, that are sure to knock her fellas socks off!


Outdoor Boudoir Photography just got SEXIER!

I am beyond excited to announce the NEXT BIG THING in outdoor boudoir photography, coming to you exclusively by Frances Photography, THE EDEN COLLECTION!
A friend of mine recently invited me to visit a piece of property that he is managing outside just outside of Idaho Springs called Van Eden Ranch.  Besides being not to far from Denver (about 45 min away), this 300 acre stretch of land is one of the most gorgeous places I have ever seen in Colorado.  From the mossy forest, to the ponds, to the waterfalls, to the aspen groves, to the meadow, rock pile, and cliffs, this place is quite literally a photographer’s dream come true. And I (yes, me) have been given EXCLUSIVE photographic access.  It’s completely private property, and consists of totally untouched Colorado mountain brilliance at it’s finest.
One of the collection options I will be offering for next year will be “Eden in Amber” and it will only be available for two weeks during the peak of the fall.  I will be doing the same thing in the summer time when the wildflowers are going crazy: “Eden in Bloom”.  There will also be “Everyday in Eden,” “Adam & Eve” (bring your man!), “The Naked Nymph,”and more fun things TBD.  Stay tuned for more details on all the different Eden Collection options coming soon.

For now, feast your eyes on this ridiculously gorgeous slideshow… Depending on your internet connection, you can choose from three resolution options in the bottom bar.  360p for slower connections, 480p for general viewing, or 720pHD for high speed with full screen optional viewing.  Make sure you have the volume turned on and UP!  It may take a few seconds to load, so be a little patient, it’s worth it! (Hint, it will auto-start, but if you click the pause button and let it load about halfway before playing, it should play without stopping.)

And…you’re welcome.  :-)

Denver Boudoir Photographer: Bridal Boudoir Stunner

Denver Boudoir Photographer: This gorgeous bride-to-be wanted to create a special gift for her future husband and decided a boudoir photo shoot was just the answer.  She came to the right place as I have done tons of bridal boudoir photo-shoots and am looking forward to doing many, many more in the future,  both indoors and outdoors!

So much in fact, that I am in the process of remodeling my home to turn it into an official boudoir and portrait studio!  While this has been incredibly difficult to manage during one of the busiest wedding seasons in the history of my career, I am pushing forward through thick and thin, so that when wedding season is over this year (Not until mid- October) I am going to have an absolutely gorgeous space that will be perfectly suited for exactly this kind of thing.

While I love working with some of my favorite hotels in Denver, it adds to the cost of the session for my clients, it makes scheduling the shoots much more difficult as the day rates are dependent upon the hotel’s availability which can’t be determined too far in advance, and the options within the hotel room themselves are fairly limited, albeit appropriate.

In addition, I have also gained exclusive access to a GORGEOUS 300 acre ranch 45 min from Denver, just outside of Idaho Springs called Van Eden Ranch.  As it stands, I will be the only photographer in the US with access to this property, and while I can’t share much more about it right now, I am in the process of building FOUR brand new boudoir options to my repertoire.  One that will be inside (The Studio Collection), and one that will be outdoors at the ranch (The Eden Collection). Thirdly, I am adding a Boudoir party option for those  interested in a boudoir shoot and party with girl-friends.  Last but not least, couples boudoir is the last thing on the list to add.  Needless to say, there are some very exciting things happening at Frances Photography in the boudoir department.  Stay tuned!

But for now, check out these beautiful images of a truly beautiful young lady….