Events and Personal Photography

This is where I will include photographs from various events and photojournalism entries about events in my own life as a wedding photographer in Denver, Colorado and destination photographer around the world.

Newborn Photography Denver: Hugh Dionne

Newborn Photography Denver:  My childhood best friend, Jody Staley (now Jody Dionne) just had a baby boy!  Whoop whoop!! :-)  When he was about two weeks old I got to meet baby Hugh in person and prep him for his career in modeling!  Ha!  Kidding, of course.  In fact, if he is anything like his momma, we better stack up the photo shoots now & get the pictures taken before he can protest.

Jody and I became besties in 6th grade when we both got funneled into the same (and only) middle school in Fort Morgan, and were basically inseparable until we both graduated from high school and moved away.  I was the 4th “child” in her family, and she, in mine.  We spent every Friday night for years at each others houses;  rode our bikes all over town; trick-or-treated together till well past an “appropriate” age;  pulled pranks; became teenage rebels; learned to drive; discovered boys; played sports; danced; sang; and grew up (well, not entirely:-)).  I feel very lucky that we are still close and that every time we get together, we just pick up right where we left off.

Jody- dude- you had a baby!!! Whoa! I’m still in shock…  But in all seriousness, I am so happy for you and Matt!  Congrats on the next big stage in life- motherhood!!  You are both going to be wonderful parents.  I can’t wait to see what kind of an adorable little rascal you and Matt have made.  Love ya!  XOXO

Denver Wedding Photographer: “Forever Young”

Denver Wedding Photographer:  On Sept. 27, 2014 Kerry O’Toole and Jamey Young took me on a roller-coaster of emotions as they said their “I do’s.”  From nerves, to tears, to loads of smiles and laughter, I think I experienced just about every emotion in the book this wedding day.  It’s pretty normal for me to feel the feelings of the people I am photographing (it kinda comes with the territory) but honestly, I wasn’t prepared for the emotional ride that these two lovebirds took me on…

The ceremony was simple and traditional and was held at Our Lady of Fatima in Lakewood.  Perhaps it was the fact that this is the same church where Kerry’s father’s funeral service was held 7 years ago.  Perhaps it was the look on Jamey’s face as his gorgeous bride was walked down the aisle to him on the arm of her big brother.  Or maybe it was the way Kerry’s mom looked at her daughter with so much pride…  All I know is, I had goosebumps up and down my entire body and I will never forget choking up behind the camera as I looked through my lens at Jamey choking up while Kerry walked down the aisle to his side.

After the ceremony, Kerry and Jamey hopped in their getaway car that the wedding party had so fabulously decorated for them….and it was all smiles for the next couple of hours!  We went to Kerry’s mother’s house with one of the most fabulous backyard garden-scapes I have ever seen for photos.  And then it was party-time.   Let me say this- these two crazy kids and all of their friends and family most definitely know how to PARTY!  With close to 300 guests, the drinks flowed and the dance floor was packed!

And it cannot go without mention that I have now officially witnessed the most AMAZING groom-mother dance of all time!  Jamey and his awesome mom did a choreographed mash-up that started with Jamey putting ballet slippers on his mom (like out of dirty dancing) and included all of our favorite 80’s and 90’s dance moves.  They brought the house down.  Seriously.  I hope to God someone got that on video!  If they did, it’s probably gone viral by now.

I could go on and on… but I’m sure you are more interested in seeing the photos than in my gushing, so I will cut it short.  But before I do, I just want to give a giant THANK YOU to both Kerry and Jamey for being such a fun and darling couple!  Thank you for choosing me to document your wedding day.  It’s one I will never forget for many reasons.  It’s couples like you that keep me passionate about what I do.  You both were so real, so vulnerable, and so so lovable! So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.  I wish you both all the happiness in the world and a lifetime of adventures together!! Oh, AND, I can’t wait for you to have babies. ;-)


Denver Baby Photographer: Morgan Heaps 6 month photos

Denver Baby Photographer:  The Heaps family found me “through the grapevine” if you will.  I was recommended to them by the Cook Family, who was referred to me by the Reberry Family, who I have been photographing for the last four years.  I love it when people find me like this!  The trust factor is already built in as they already heard about how I work, who I am, and have seen beautiful images that I have taken of their friends and want me to do the same thing for them.  Apparently the Heaps loved the newborn photos I took of Morgan, because at that end of that session I remember telling Katie, that she should call me sometime around 6 months, as that is a gorgeous age to capture-and she did!

It makes me laugh because I remember Katie being a little unsettled that Morgan was so tiny at her newborn photo shoot that none of her clothes fit her yet, so we did the whole session with her naked.  But now, Morgan is so big and healthy that the 6 month outfit Katie had ordered especially for our photo shoot barely still fit her and it’s likely she won’t ever be able to wear it again!  Ha!  Oh how we sweat the small things (I’m equally guilty of it too!).  The photos are absolutely darling (even if I do say so myself) and Morgan’s mama and daddy are more smitten with her now than they were 6 months ago (and trust me, they were beyond in love then!)

Morgan is just a doll, full of smiles and silly faces and it was such an honor to be invited back to capture her at this beautiful age.  Thank you so much to the Heaps family for your continued loyalty.  Let’s do this all again in 6 more months!

Denver Family Photography: Beautiful Reagan is TWO!

Denver Family Photography: Whenever I think about my favorite people that I have been fortunate enough to meet because of my business, Natasha, Matt, and their darling daughter, Reagan, ALWAYS come to mind!  I met Natasha 6 years ago when she was planning her exquisite wedding in downtown Denver, and it was “love at first sight,” on both accounts.  Truly, there is no other way to describe it!  Not only did she hire me as her wedding photographer, but we became fast friends as well.  It is a beautiful friendship that I treasure from the bottom of my heart as it is one that has lasted and flourished year after year, to this very day. Every time I see her, regardless of how often that is, it’s like not a minute has passed and we just pick up right where we left off.  And given both of our busy lives, that is something special in and of itself.

I haven’t seen Reagan since we finished our Baby’s First Year photo shoots, literally a year ago.  What a difference a year makes!  Reagan has gone from a wobbly baby girl to a fully articulate, fiery spirited, and beyond intelligent toddler.  She has always been adorable and hilarious, but seriously, when I saw her for this photo shoot, I was floored at how much she has grown up and changed!  And it’s not that I am really surprised… She has Natasha and Matt’s blood pumping strong and steady in her veins, and has since day one.  But, when she greeted me by name and in full sentences, I couldn’t help but be taken back since the last time I saw her she wasn’t really talking yet.  It was awesome.  I didn’t stop smiling all day!

I am in love with these images and apparently they are as well.  Natasha recently told me that Matt said if they frame all of these photos, like she wants too, they are going to run out of wall space.  Her reply was that there are always the ceilings!  HA!  I love it!   Natasha and Matt, thank you so much for your amazing friendship, for your loyalty, and for letting me capture all of the most significant times in your life over the last six years.  I plan on being there for all that are yet to come as well.  XOXOX