Event Photography

Event photography can include catering events in Denver, hotel openings, and all manner of events that have me record photographs of the event.

Ritz-Carlton Cakes: Pastry Chef

It seems like weeks ago now (the summer is getting so busy!) that I met with the lovely ladies (and gentlemen) at the Denver Ritz-Carlton to photograph a special project for them.  Leslie Ann had designed some beautiful cakes so that the Ritz could get some portfolio images to show their clients the wonderful work she is capable of!  Brides and Grooms getting married at the Ritz may not know it, but there is an incredibly talented chef/artist creating the custom wedding cakes there.  I recommend trusting her completely!  We got to eat the cupcakes after the shoot and they were nothing short of heavenly. Delicious.  Thank you so much Angela, Leslie-Ann, Shannon, and everyone that helped me that day!  You are a wonderful team and I love every opportunity I have to work with you. 

Doug Gordon’s Photography Workshop: NY

It’s been two months since my last blog post and I am a little embarrassed that I have let myself get so far behind.  Traveling can have that effect on me and fortunately I’ve gotten to travel a lot in the recent weeks!  The first trip was for this incredible photo workshop with Doug Gordon (a posing and business genius) that was a week long in Lindenhurst, NY.  I met a bunch of great photographers from all over the country and world, learned a lot of new things from Doug and his awesome team, and had a really fun week in a new city!   It was my first time to New York and I was not disappointed.  And…I may or may not have ‘almost’ won a car bomb competition with Vinnie on our last night out together.  😉
We didn’t do a ton of shooting at this particular workshop, but we did have a few great opportunities to see Doug’s method of shooting, lighting, and flow posing at work.  It’s always hard for me to photograph in large groups, like in a photography workshop situation.  I usually end up feeling claustrophobic and I am not a fan of having to fight for a spot to shoot from.  (I would make a terrible paparazzi!!). But I managed to get a decent spot for a few seconds each time.  Here are a few of my favorites from the week.  If there are any photographers out there considering this workshop, I give it 5 stars, two thumbs up, and a definite high recommend- Great event!  :-)

WPPI 2010 Las Vegas

WPPI 2010 Las Vegas I get to see and spend time with some of my best and most passionate friends. I get to learn, be inspired, see all the new products, and of course… party!  After all it IS Vegas!!  WPPI is different every year for me, in that some years I have gone there looking for information, some years I have gone there with products to research and seek out at the trade show, some years have been focused on the programs and education, but this year, my focus was on the photographic community that I am so entrenched in and that I hold so dear to me.  Seeing people from all over the country that I have gotten to know so well either virtually or in real life is always interesting, usually eye-opening, and ultimately a rewarding experience.  This year that seemed especially true.  Thank you to all of the wonderful friends I have for being so…well… wonderful.  You know who you are…

My favorite program of the event was the closing program, Photographers Ignite.: Ignite is a style of presentation where participants are given five minutes to speak on a subject accompanied by 20 slides. Each slide is displayed for 15 seconds, and slides are automatically advanced.  Some were moving, some were just plain funny, some more inspirational and motivational, and all mixed together it was a really FAST two hours! You can find the videos from the ignite speakers here.   Don’t miss Kevin Kubota, Jed Taufer, Doug Gordon, Joy and Jules aka the Bianchi twins,  Uncle “Bob”, or Gerry Gihonis!

The Wedding Summit Workshop

I am blogging a little out of chronological order here, but I wanted to talk about my trip to Atlanta with Kristy Chenell of Couture Consulting, and also my partner in The Wedding Summitworkshop.  We spent the last week in February with 5 amazing women in the wedding industry for four days working on, and coming up with their brand identities.   We had a wide spectrum of people from just getting started, to long-term and already well established businesses.  It never seems to matter how long anyone has been in business, the power of self-discovery ALWAYS helps people see themselves and their businesses in a new light.  The concept at the core of our workshop is the mastermind group theory, and I am always blown away by the power of the group mind at work.  Kristy and I lead the way and talk about branding and how it really works in the hearts and minds of the consumer.  Then as a group we talk about the branding boards we have each of them create and are able to collaborate different perspectives, different ideas, and different language to represent the authenticity of each individual inside each of their businesses.  It may sound a little abstract, but I am never disappointed in what is uncovered for every single person involved, including Kristy and I, whenever we have done this workshop and exercise.

We are headed to Washington, DC April 12-13th and have a Dallas workshop event coming up soon.  If you are interested in attending or hosting a Wedding Summit Workshop in your area, give me a shout and I will put you in touch with our marketing coordinator.  Thank you so much to Stephanie Rounds of Nu Visions Photography for the images of the class.  Thank you also to Michelle Gainey, of Lemiga Events, for hosting us!  Finally, thank you to all of the other wonderful women that attended.  It was truly a pleasure to meet and get to know both personally and professionally.  I am excited to see where all of your businesses go from here!