Events and Personal Photography

This is where I will include photographs from various events and photojournalism entries about events in my own life as a wedding photographer in Denver, Colorado and destination photographer around the world.

Newborn Soren Colman: Baby Photography Denver

One of my favorite things to do lately is to open a baby announcement covered with my newborn images!  Today that announcement came from two of my best friends, Angela and Ty Col(e)man.  It’s been such an exciting time with so many of my closest friends having babies the last couple of years.  I had no idea how many people I was going to be “Auntie Frances” to in such a short span of time & I couldn’t be happier about it.  I recently was able to go visit one of my own Aunts in CA and when she squealed with excitement over getting to see me, for the first time, perhaps ever, I understood how she felt.  I imagine getting a surprise visit from one of my nieces or nephews in 30 years and how that would just warm my heart right up and over the moon!  But for at least the next 18 years or so I get to be right here, watching them, capturing them, and loving them to pieces all along the way.  Baby Soren Tyson Colman is one such amazingly special little baby boy.  I was as excited as his entrance into this world as I could ever imagine I would be.  And he is perfect in absolutely every way.  In fact, one newborn session just didn’t cut it (in terms of my own selfish baby time satisfaction), so I went back for more less than a week later.  The photos here are from both sessions with them.  The other thing that makes me so proud and happy is that the main art piece in the nursery is a beautiful landscape image that I took years ago that I gave to Angela and Ty as a gift after they helped me to produce my very first ever fine art show, “Flow”, at the Space Gallery in 2009, benefiting a nonprofit organization that Angela and her step-father set up to help victims of domestic violence, called the Trelexa Foundation.  They have been waiting for the perfect wall to present itself to showcase the image as it didn’t exactly match the rest of their house.  It only took 3 years, but that spot finally showed up, and if you ask me, it has found a permanent home!  We already know that Soren is destined to be a mountain lover, just like mommy and daddy, so it seems appropriate that it will be a scene that becomes as familiar to him as his own parents.  Angela, Ty, Soren, and the doggie children, Serena and Sidney, I love you ALL.  Now and forever.  Kisses….  Auntie Frances.

Denver Event Photgraphy: Catering By Design

I was so excited to photograph the always amazing Catering By Design’s party that is thrown annually for all of their vendors and clients. I photographed their last fabulous party, so I knew this one was going to be just as good or better! This time I saved plenty of room in my stomach and prepared myself for a great night.

The party took place in CBD’s warehouse, featuring different kinds of foods, deserts, cocktails and treats. Entertainment was high, with a talented flash mob, dancers, and plenty of eye candy for the ladies! Incredibly innovative food displays filled the warehouse, entrees were mounted on the walls, and some snacks were shelved on high ladders- so creative! Not to mention delicious. Catering by Design always throw the most entertaining parties, complete with a band, DJ and dancers on top of the food coolers!  Everyone from the wedding industry was there, eating, drinking, dancing & enjoying themselves.

I have to say thank you to Catering by Design for having me photograph this phenominal party. CBD are one of my favorite cateres in town for a reason! I look forward to working with them again soon!

Love The Dress with Stef and Tim: Denver

A phenomenal wedding dress requires equally amazing wedding photography, so when Stef told me she was interested in doing a “Love the Dress” photo-session, I was game. Stef, Tim and I met at the park in Denver- and the newlyweds looked just as beautiful as they did on their big day! We had a great time taking some intimate and fun bridal photography around the park.

I love photographing Love the Dress sessions, it allows us to get creative, resulting in intimate and unique images. Stef, you and your gorgeous Vera Wang dress looked amazing in the park! And I loved the black sash :)

Click here if you want to see Stef & Tim’s Wedding Portraits!

Denver Photography with Jess and Ryan: Love the Dress

It’s not called, “The Big Day” for nothing- wedding day’s are incredibly special, historic, important and unfortunately…stressful. As we all know, things don’t always go perfectly. SO, when a friend from the Westin called me asking for some help, I was all ears.

Apparently, Jess & Ryan’s wedding photographer had forgotten to capture certain photographs on the their wedding day. This could of been a huge problem, considering the couples big day was already over, but I was happy to help in any way I could. So, we recreated their wedding day and had everyone dress up one more time. We captured the missing formal shots, and got some great images of the newlyweds, while capturing some amazing “love the dress” photos of Jess.

I hope this helped you with your situation Jess & Ryan! I had a great time in Denver, and if you ever need another favor, or more photography- you know who to call :)