Meet Frances

In 2005, Frances Marron launched her photography business with a mission to capture great love stories, but true artists know no boundaries.

Weddings were only the beginning for Frances Photography. Over the years, countless brides have returned time and again for everything from baby photos to family portraits to sexy boudoir sessions, thus organically growing her visual repertoire – but it doesn’t stop there. Her eye for true beauty and retouching skills are also a dreamy, in-demand duo for magazine editors and style-inspired entrepreneurs.

A decade and more than 1,000 shoots later, Frances has a growing team of associate photographers and an ever-evolving, versatile portfolio in four core areas: weddings, boudoir, portraits and fashion.

This artist at heart has garnered national acclaim, international assignments and a reputation for marrying perfection with personality. Her approach is so personable, Frances feels like one of the family.

And though her offerings are extensive, there’s a clear and common theme to her artistry: BEAUTY. No matter what the occasion or location, Frances has an eye for time-stopping details. She knows exactly how to capture the ocular essence of every human being in her view.

Working with Frances goes beyond exceptional customer service and a high-end experience. Working with her means building a genuine relationship. Her passion for people is unparalleled, and her drive for the best shot keeps clients oh, so on their toes. Hanging from the rafters? Check. Stopping traffic? You know it. She’ll do what it takes to document your most momentous moments.

With loyal clients coming back for a lifetime, her finger on the pulse of all things creative and an unstoppable desire to keep learning and growing, it’s no wonder Frances Photography is so sought after by the most discerning brides, families, designers and editors.