Newborn and Baby Photography

Newborn photography is a favorite here at Frances Photography where we love to capture cute images of baby photography from Denver to Boulder and around the globe.

Maternity & Newborn Photos Denver: The Ridder Family

Maternity & Newborn Photos Denver:  Not everyone does my baby’s first year collection right out of the gate.  I also offer a reduced price option for portrait sessions when clients combine maternity photos with the newborn photo shoot.  Oftentimes these same clients will come back for 6 month or first year photos, but in general the maternity & newborn collection gives people a great first start to documenting their child’s arrival on planet earth.

Sarah and Nat hired me for their wedding last Oct. and I have enjoyed getting to know this couple and now this little family SO MUCH!  We had a blast at the maternity session too.  We went back to City park, which happens to be where Sarah and Nat shared their first kiss, where Nat proposed, and also where we went on their wedding day to capture their romantic bride and groom photos after their intimate ceremony.  This time however, given the nature of the photo shoot, we went to the playground.  :-)  Nat goofed around and they had a ball together swinging on the swing-set, playing on the monkey bars (Nat) and just in general being their lighthearted selves.  After the park we headed back to their home to grab the fur child and took a little walk around the block so as not to exclude their pup.

Anderson (Ace)Thomas Ridder arrived 3 weeks early, but healthy, on 7/17, weighing in at 6lb 7oz and measuring 19in long.  He was so tiny when I met him but Sarah has sent me photos since and he has very quickly grown into a very chubby big little guy.  :-)  Sarah told me that she was so glad that we did the newborn photos immediately because he changed so quickly in the weeks following our shoot.  I hear that more times than you can imagine.  The growth that happens in the first month of a babies life is astounding!  And, this guy isn’t only growing like a weed, his brain is already operating at a very high levels of intense imaginative intelligence.  You can check out his witty and comical blog here. (Hilarious, and totally worth a browse I might add!)

Congratulations to Sarah, Nat, and Ace!  I can’t wait to see you all again for (hopefully) LOTS more family photo shoots!  Big Hugs to you all!

Baby Photography Denver: Garet’s 9 month Photos

Baby Photography Denver: Every time I see Garet I fall more and more head over heels for her!  From our newborn photo session, to her 3 month to her 6 month, to this 9 month session, those big blue eyes, silky white skin and soft red hair have exponentially continued  to warm me up from the inside out.  She is truly SUCH a beautiful baby.  I can’t believe she is going to be a year old in less than a month!  Obviously wedding season 2014 has had me fall a little behind on my portrait blog posts, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been shooting them by the dozens! This fall I plan to share all of the fun portrait work that I have been doing this summer and I can’t wait!  Not only that, but I also have a few surprises where that area of my business is concerned…stay tuned.  ;-)

Rebecca and Will Essin, Garet’s mommy and daddy, have quickly turned from total strangers into people I can happily call friends.  Maybe it’s because Rebecca and I share the same birthday so we have some kind of invisible Aquarian sister thing going on :-)  Or maybe it’s just because I have gotten to share in their joy over the last year as their beautiful daughter has grown from a tiny helpless newborn into a nearly walking, almost toddler.  Either way, I am so happy to have this wonderful family in my life and I know that our relationship will continue to grow long after Garet’s baby’s first year photos are complete.  In fact, I imagine the family photos we will do, seeing Garet grow into a beautiful young woman, her senior photos, and perhaps, if I am still kicking, her wedding!  HA! What would that be??  Let’s say 30-ish years??  I’ll be 66 years old.  Ha!  Perhaps I won’t get too far ahead of myself.  For now, let’s just enjoy her babyhood!  In fact, let’s stop time so she doesn’t ever have to grow up.  Yeah, now we’re talking…  See you all soon for the big 0-1!  XOX

Newborn Photographer Denver: Piper Wickliff

Newborn Photographer Denver: Here we go!  Beautiful little Piper Rose Wickliff joined us on this earth on 7/17/2014 at 8:10 am weighing in at 6 lbs, 10 oz and measuring 20.25 inches of perfection long.  Her big brother, Connor, immediately claimed her as “his baby” (adorbs!) and I was so excited to meet her and see my friends for her first photo session, which will no doubt launch a very successful modeling career (I kid.) But seriously, given her genetic make-up and the probability that she will be at least as equally darling as her brother, it’s not outside the realm of possibility. 

After going through baby’s first year with Connor, Katie and John’s firstborn, and seeing him grow from a tiny helpless little bundle of baby boy deliciousness into the precocious little independent man that he is now… walking (more like running) and communicating (very clearly I might add) seemingly overnight, I couldn’t imagine not doing the same things with the Wickliff’s baby girl. 

When we took maternity photos a couple of months ago, I had a surge of nostalgia remembering how it seemed like only yesterday that I was doing this with them before Connor came into the world. Seeing him running around everywhere and Katie pregnant for the second time really hit home the idea that, as cliche as it is, time really does FLY.  Every day is a gift and it’s important to remember and be grateful for all the little things.  It seems like we all (I am equally as guilty of it too, trust me) are always waiting for what’s “next.”  I’ll use myself as an example: In the wintertime I get anxious for summer; when it’s hot I long for the cool autumn breezes.  Sound familiar? 

I mention it only because I want to encourage people (and myself) to slow down a little and enjoy each day.  Whatever is “next,” is inevitable.  There no point wishing it will get here faster only to later wish that we could go back in time.  Tiny, beautiful little baby Piper will grow up.  Maybe if we all slow down a little, it won’t go so fast.  One can hope. :-) See you soon Wickliff family!  Can’t wait for our 3 month photo shoot!  XOXO

Newborn Photography Denver: Elliott Weaver

Newborn Photography Denver:  I first met the Weaver family when their first son, Charlie, was a newborn.  We took some beautiful photos of him at about three weeks old, and 22 months later, Molly and John called me back for newborn photos of their second little boy, Elliott.  It’s just amazing how fast time flies by.  It seems like only yesterday that I was photographing newborn Charlie, and now he is nearly 2 years old and walking (running) and talking all over the house.

Elliott is just as precious as can be and it was wonderful to see Molly and John again and to be welcomed back to their home for more newborn and family photos.  We had to work quick with Charlie as he wasn’t super interested in posing for me (what 2 year old is??).  But after a little patience on both my end and Molly and John’s we were able to get that sweet little baby to fall asleep and got some beautiful images of him.  I absolutely adore the ones of him on the furry white rug wrapped up in his momma and daddy’s hands.  I love the perspective of how tiny he is in relation to their hands.  It never ceases to amaze me, no matter how many newborns I see or photograph, about how tiny and helpless they are.  And to think that every single one of us started out that way…  So small, so perfect, so innocent.  And yet, we all grow up and become the people we are meant to be, one way or another.  It would be nice if we could just freeze time and enjoy those precious tiny people for just a little longer.  But alas, that is the power of photography, and the reason I stay so busy.  The moments pass quickly and if they are not captured, they are that much harder to remember and look back on.

Thank you to Molly and John for coming back to me for more precious moments, frozen in time.  :-)  I hope to be there to capture your family as both boys grow up more and more!