Newborn and Baby Photography

Newborn photography is a favorite here at Frances Photography where we love to capture cute images of baby photography from Denver to Boulder and around the globe.

Baby Photos Colorado: Connor Finch 3 months

Baby Photos Colorado: Connor is truly one of the most precious little guys I have ever met and photographed!  His momma, Jeanna, his daddy, Steve, and his auntie, Jennifer are absolutely smitten with him, and it’s easy to see why.  They were all together when we did the newborn photo shoot, and we planned the 3 month session when Jennifer was going to be back in town, and actually it was a gift from her to the Finch family this time.

I love seeing the love an Aunt has for her nephew or niece, because I know that love first hand!  When I met my niece, Alice, for the first time at 6 hours old, tears unexpectedly started rolling down my cheeks.  Not only was she the newest treasure in my sister and brother-in law’s life, but she was also mine.  She belongs not only to them, but to all of our family.  I had no idea how powerful the feeling would feel the first time I felt her tiny fingers wrap around mine.  And I can remember that moment like it was yesterday, forever etched into my memory…  it looked like her fingers were wrapped around mine, but the opposite was true.  She had me wrapped around her little baby finger from “hello”… and that is the circle of life…  The connectedness of family, the bond of blood, the power of unconditional love.  I totally understand why Jennifer wanted to give this to Jeanna and Steve and Conner.  She doesn’t live locally and everyday she misses seeing his smile, I know that she misses him with her whole heart.  I get it, deeply, truly, personally.

Thank you Jennifer for this amazing gift to your twin sister, to your brother-in-law, and to your nephew.  You are always going to be the A#1 auntie.  Not only in their books, but also in mine.  I can’t think of a more special gift than this…

Baby & Family Photographer Denver: Sterling 6months

Baby & Family Photographer Denver: One of the benefits of doing my baby’s first year collections (besides getting lots of priceless memories of your child of course) is that you also get to have lots of fun family photos done at the same time!  I often think about my life as a little one, and I say with all sincerity that I WISH I had images like this taken of me and my sisters and parents, this often, when we were babies growing up.  Sure, we have family photo albums with snapshots of us as little pony-tailed munchkins, but they are just that, snapshots.  They were taken by amateurs (sorry mom and dad, but it’s true) and they don’t consistently keep track of us as we grew up- especially my younger sisters (they really got the short end of the stick)! There are more photos of me because I was the first-born, but I digress…

My babies first year collection was designed with the parents in mind, of course, but really, the real gift is to the child.  When they are old enough to understand and appreciate it, I believe with all my heart that the memories (that they won’t actually remember because they were too young) will indeed, be priceless to them.  If you had a way to give that kind of gift to your child, would you?  I don’t have children of my own (yet!) but…  I can promise you, I will and they will be getting the royal photo treatment too.  I can’t tell you all how many emails and thank you’s I get from my friends and clients and sometimes even strangers talking about how much they love the albums that come out of these sessions.  Even the album company I print with sends me little hand-written notes occasionally oohing and ahhing over these things.

Sterling, is baby boy #2 to the Col(e)man family (one of the most precious families in my circle in Denver) and you can bet your buns, he is getting the same treatment as Soren, his big brother, did when it comes to photo memories.  It’s hard to believe we are already looking forward to the 9 month session. We’ve now taken newborn photos, 3 month photos, and now, with this set, we have 6 months photos to cherish.  Your family gets more and more beautiful every time I see you.

Love you Ang and Ty!  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to create something that I know will mean the world, not only to you, but to your boys, more and more with each passing year.  Every time we shoot together, I think it can’t possibly get better…  yet it does. 


Newborn Photography Denver: Brooklyn Woodward

Newborn Photography Denver:  The Woodwards are one of my favorite families to photograph and I couldn’t have been happier for them when I found out they were expecting their second baby girl!  Just like we did with their first born, Madilyn, Brooklyn is going to get her very own set of babies first year photos and coffee-table book done with me this year.

I fell in love with baby Brooklyn instantly!  She is so tiny, so perfect, and just like her momma, daddy, and big sis, beautiful to the core.  I love doing round two of babies first year with my clients because I also get to see the big sister (or brother) for another year every few months since of course I always want to include them in some of the photos with their new baby too.  :-)  Madilyn was so cute while I was photographing Brooklyn.  She wanted to be with us the whole time and played in Brooklyn’s crib with her stuffed babies and chattered away at us like a three dollar radio.  It was hilarious and darling.  I was literally having flashbacks to her newborn session, which wasn’t all that long ago (and feels kind of like yesterday!)

I’ve said it before about this family, but I have to say that I LOVE going to their house and seeing my photos lining the walls in every room of the house.  From Mike and Steph’s engagement, to their wedding, to the maternity session with Madilyn, to Madilyn at all stages of her 1st year of babyhood.  And now, another room will get filled with the newest addition and more family photos.  It makes my heart happy to know that my clients walk past my images of the most precious and important things in their lives every single day.

Thank you Mike and Stephanie for your continued loyalty and I will be looking forward to seeing you all again in a few short months!


Colorado Newborn Photographer: Connor Finch

Colorado Newborn Photographer:  This photo shoot was given as a baby shower gift to Jeanna and Steve from a mutual (and very dear friend) of ours and I couldn’t have been more excited about it!  I have known Jeanna and Steve for years and I have been so excited for the day that they finally had a baby.  And man, that baby boy is as handsome as handsome baby boys get.  I fell in love with him on the spot!  When I met him at his newborn session he was literally already smiling, and it took a matter of seconds for him to pretty much melt my heart.  Jeanna’s twin sister, Jennifer, was also in town to spend time with her new nephew so I was able to get not only baby alone and baby with mom and dad, but baby with his favorite Aunt Jen too!  We had so much fun and we even sang a few songs together to keep Connor calm.  Apparently he already takes after his mother’s love of music and theater.  We sang “My favorite Things” from the Sound of Music about five times and he was all ears.  It was hilarious.  A) because we all knew all the words and B) because it actually worked!  I’m going to remember that trick some day…

Jeanna and Steve, I am so thrilled for you and so happy to help you document your beautiful son’s life this year and for years to come.  You are beautiful people and no doubt are going to be absolutely fantastic parents!  (You already are!)  Thank you for inviting me into your home and for trusting me with such a special time in your life.  I loved seeing you at his 3 month session too.  I hope I get to see you again at 6 months, 9 months, one year, two years, and every year from here on out!  You are special friends and I love seeing you both glow with the happiness that little Connor has brought to your lives.  XOXO