Newborn and Baby Photography

Newborn photography is a favorite here at Frances Photography where we love to capture cute images of baby photography from Denver to Boulder and around the globe.

Denver Family Photography: Olivia’s 1st Birthday

Denver Family Photography:  Rounding out another baby’s first year series with a fabulous little birthday party fit for a ladybug.   Sarah and Brian are another couple that have made a mark in my heart as we have grown closer and closer over the years since their fabulous wedding in 2010.  From photo shoots, to wine dates, to dinner dates, to parties, Sarah and Brian are much more than clients to me- they are friends that I will be forever grateful for!  Sweet little Liv is a very lucky little girl to have been born to two such fabulous parents.

I loved being a part of her 1st birthday party and of course photographing her with her very first cake!  Sarah and Brian are known to be great hosts, but they went above and beyond to make this a special party, not only for Olivia and her baby friends, but also for all of the adults!  Bug juice=wine!

It’s always a little bittersweet when I finish up a baby’s first year collection.  I have loved seeing little Olivia grow up this past year.  From the maternity session to the newborn session to the 3 month session, to the 9 month session, to this, the one year celebration, it has been a highlight on my calendar every time we’ve gotten together.  I know I will get to see Olivia grow up over the years and I look forward to the next opportunity we have to create more beautiful images together.  Again, I am selfishly anxious for Sarah and Brian to have another baby.  :-)  But no rush!  We can go back to regular wine dates for now.  Happy Birthday little Olivia!  You should be good and groomed for your modeling career!! xoxo


Denver Baby Photography: Colin Cotsamire, 6 months

Denver Baby Photography with another darling family that I love to love!  The Cotsamires have been loyal clients since about a year before their wedding in 2012!  And humorously, I can pin point the exact moment I “fell in love” with them!  Actually, there are two moments.  The first was right after their wedding ceremony when Tracy insisted that I get a photo of them with one of the roaming cows at Spruce Mountain Ranch!  HA!  And the second was when Justin full blown tackled Tracy behind their cake table at the reception after she “fed” him his bite first.  Hilarious!!

I have enjoyed seeing them every few months this year as their first born son, Colin, has grown into the cutest little Tracy/Justin amalgam I could ever imagine!  Between the three of them and their two gorgeous golden retriever fur-babies, it’s always a riot taking their family photo.  We actually missed the puppies at our 6 month session at Wash park, but stay tuned because they made quite the appearance at our 9 month session.

Since the timing of the 6 month shoot fell during our beautiful summer months, we met at the park where our photography together began- Wash Park!  The flower gardens were in full bloom and Colin was all smiles and twinkly eyes.

One of my favorite things about photographing this family is how much we always laugh when we get together!  Between the silly baby faces, the adult antics around the baby faces, and two nearly human sized lap dogs, we never take ourselves too seriously. Honestly, we always get the most darling images.  I think the combination of our comfort level together, the longevity of our relationship, and the ease in which I am able to capture their lives in a way that is meaningful for them has made for a lifelong friendship.  Honestly, I am already imagining the scene unfolding when we have Colin and another baby in the mix.  Oh boy!!  :-)  See you again soon Cotsamires!  XOXO


Denver Newborn Photography: Ezra Gillette

Denver Newborn Photography:  I’m so excited to share these images of a precious new honorary nephew- Ezra James born on Sept.4th, 2014 at5 2:51 pm.  Michelle and Micheal are practically family after all these years of friendship, not to mention I have been photographing lots of them ever since the arrival  of their first-born, Olivia, about three years ago.  Now that Liv is a little older, she and I are total buddies and I love how she says my name whenever I see her now.  It’s kinda like… “Auntie Fwan-ces.”  So cute.

But I can’t let her steal the show completely- LOL!  There is a new man in the house at the Gillette residence and just like his parents, this little boy has been graced with a FABULOUS head of hair.  Seriously, I can’t even get over it…  I have never met a newborn with as much hair as baby Ezra has.  LOVE!

A special thank you to my beautiful friends, the Gillettes, for all of the years supporting me both personally and professionally.  I will never forget all the love you have showered me with through good times and bad, and I hope that I can continue to shower you with fabulous images of your darling kiddos and beautiful family!  See you again in another few months for photos and I promise it will not take me as long to post our 3 months photos as it has for me to post the newborn ones.  :-)  XOXO


Boulder Baby Photographer: Carter Grantham 3 months

Boulder Baby Photographer:  One of the perks of being a baby and family photographer is that I get to spend time with my friends as their families grow that I might not otherwise get to experience.  Let’s face it- our lives are busy and days become weeks, weeks become months, and months becomes years…. faster and faster year after year.  Maybe it’s because it’s the end of another year and I am feeling nostalgic, or maybe because of the holidays, or maybe it’s because I just celebrated Carter’s daddy’s 40th birthday, but I have been taking stock of the friendships that have stood the test of time, and feeling grateful for my place in this world.

Scott has been my friend since 1997 and our college days at CU.  He was welcomed into my family as an honorary “brother” for many a Thanksgiving dinner way back before any of the Marron sisters were married or had significant others.  As the years after college took us all down our different life paths, certain friendships stuck…and this was one of them.  Last Saturday night I was lucky enough to get to celebrate Scott’s birthday with a handful of people that I haven’t seen in a couple of years or more, but who have been in my life since high school.  It was awesome to see our gang back together again.  Things have changed, no doubt about that!  Husbands, wives, babies, and maybe even a few grey hairs later… and yet, we are all still the same too.  It makes me feel good to know that there are certain relationships that will probably always exist.

But back to Scott, Amber, and their ADORABLE son, Carter- I have loved getting to see more of this beautiful little family this year!  I am so happy for them and thrilled that they want me to be their family photographer.  :-)  Looking forward to seeing you all again after the holidays!  XOXO