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Sterling Price Col(e)man: Denver Newborn Photography

Have I mentioned that I love Denver newborn Photography?  :-)  Have I mentioned that I LOVE being an honorary Auntie to my best friends’ kiddos??  Well, in the case of the Col(e)man Family, I now have TWO gorgeous honorary nephews.  Angela and Ty are two of the most special and absolute best friends in my Universe, and I can’t begin express with words how much I love them both or how much I adore their sons, Soren and Sterling.  I have taken thousands of photos of Angela and Ty and Soren since before Soren was ever born and I know it will be the same story with the newest addition to their family, Sterling.  Don’t you just love that name?!?!  I do!  It came from Ty’s grandfather.  Soren is named after Angela’s brother and now Sterling has a family name as well.

Sterling looks a lot like Soren did as a newborn and I am thrilled to be starting the baby’s first year portrait collection all over again with them so soon.  Soren and Sterling are only about 16 months apart and I know that Angela and Ty have their hands and plates full, but if anyone can do it with grace and ease, it is most definitely them.  They are not only amazing friends, but they are AMAZING parents and Soren and Sterling are lucky, lucky little boys to have been born to them.

I know it might be tricky for Angela and Ty parenting two little guys so close together for a while, but in the end, Soren and Sterling are going to be wonderful friends…  I’m sure of it.  I am one of three girls all born within 3 years of each other.  To this day, they are my best friends, my soul-mates, my confidants, and my angels.  I think my mother must have been a little crazy to take that on, but in the end, I am forever grateful and thankful for her sacrifice.  I don’t know where I would be without my sisters and I have a feeling, that when born into a strong, loving family, siblings that are close together in age really do have a bonding advantage.  It really is a selfless gift that Angela and Ty have given their sons and I can’t wait to watch them grow up together.  I love you Angela, Ty, Soren, & Sterling.  Thank you for being my “rocks” then, now, and forever.  MUWAH and XOXO

Denver Baby Photography: Garet 3 months

Rebecca and Will came to me by way of their friends, the Wickliffs, who recommended me for their Denver Baby Photography needs.  Not only did they hire me, but they all went all in and booked an extended version of my “Baby’s First Year” Collection.  Besides the normal maternity, newborn, 3 month, 6 month, 9 month and 12 month sessions, Rebecca also wanted to document her pregnancy at each trimester mark.  It has been so much fun getting to know this beautiful family and from the second I met Rebecca I knew we were going to be a photographer-client match made in heaven.  Not only do Rebecca and I share the same birthday, but our connection was easy and natural and we bonded as girlfriends within seconds.  It doesn’t always happen like that, but when it does, I know that I have just acquired not only a client, but also a friend, for life.  I met her husband, Will, at the final maternity session and the three (or four, rather, if we include the fur baby, Wocket, which we certainly do!) had a ball getting to know each other and taking gorgeous maternity images at Standley lake early last fall.

When baby Garet came along I couldn’t WAIT to meet her!  She is one of the prettiest little red headed beauties I have ever laid eyes on.  And no shocker there, given the striking good looks of her mama and daddy.  She is absolutely as sweet and gorgeous as she can be, but from our first photo shoot together, she has definitely been opinionated about how that photo thing was going to shake out.  :-)  Which, honestly, is fine by me!  It just means I can plan on spending a little extra time with the family in order to give Garet time to adjust to having a big black camera in her face and all those strange clicking noises bothering her baby ears.

I am personally in LOVE with these 3 month photos and I am thrilled that I am going to get to see this little darling girl grow up this year and for (hopefully) the rest of her life.  Big hugs to you ALL! I can’t wait to see you all again soon for the 6 month session.

Denver Family Portraits: The Gorgeous Wickliff Family

I love photographing Denver family portraits!  Katie and John (and now Connor) have been loyal clients and friends since they first hired me as their engagement and wedding photographer in 2009.  Since that time I have had the pleasure of documenting so many special times in their lives.  Besides their engagement photo session in Denver and their wedding in Beaver Creek, I was also fortunate enough to follow and document their first born son, Connor, from the time that he was only a few days old (and actually even before that at the maternity session) all the way up through his first birthday.  When my wedding clients come back for my “Baby’s First Year” Collection, I couldn’t be more honored or humbled.  It’s the biggest compliment I can receive.

Just before the Holidays last year Katie called me and said it was “that time again” and we set up a time to meet at the Cherry Hills Country Club (where it all began for their engagement session) for another family photo shoot.  I had an absolute ball with them and the family dog, Scout.  Connor has grown and changed so much it’s just crazy to me how quickly the time goes…

I always love working with clients turned friends, and the Wickliffs are certainly no exception.  I love seeing them and catching up any chance I get.  And, of course, the fact that I am able to capture images of them that look like they belong in an LL Bean catalog doesn’t hurt matters.  Talk about a good looking family!  Katie and John, you better watch out…  that son of yours is going to be a massive lady killer.  Maybe we can hook him up with my niece!  She might just give him a run for his money.  LOL!  Love and Big Hugs to you all and can’t wait for the next session at your new house!

Morgan Heaps: Newborn Photography in Denver

Katie and Adam found me through some friends of theirs that I have done a couple of rounds of baby photography with and wanted the same style of images created with their first born daughter, Morgan.  It is honestly preferable for me to photograph newborns (and babies at any age) in their homes.  I think it helps keep everyone calm to be in their own space.  Since I’m rarely doing anything too contrived with my baby portraits, there isn’t much that I need besides happy and calm subjects.  Having photographed weddings in every possible lighting scenario you can imagine over the last 10 years, I can say with confidence that I am able to walk into any space and work with the natural and available light.  I do compliment the available light with an icelight, which is a portable daylight balanced soft-box in a stick.  I have found that this one little lighting tool works perfectly for shooting portraits of all kinds, but especially babies.

Little Morgan was born 12 days early and we photographed her on what was actually her due date.  She was so tiny that none of her newborn clothes even fit her yet, so we went for the all natural look in her birthday suite.  :-)  I will never get tired of meeting new babies.  No matter how many newborns I see, I am still amazed at how tiny and perfect their little hands and feet are. Really and truly, everything about a newborn makes me melt a little inside…  The softness of their skin; their tiny ears; the itsy-bitsy finger and toenails; the powdery soft smell of their heads; the cute baby noises the make…Mmmmm.  So precious!

I know that having a newborn isn’t always as glamorous as it looks.  I realize that it is hard work and that it can be exhausting both physically and mentally.  But when I see the looks of love in the parents’ smiles and eyes; when I see and capture their joy in my lens, I know that it is one of the most wonderful experiences we have available as human beings:  The gift of life.  The gift of family.  The gift of love.

Thank you so much to Adam and Katie and congratulations on your beautiful baby girl!  I hope to see you all again soon and capture more images for you as Morgan continues to grow and change.