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Denver Baby Photography: Daniel Murray Jr. , newborn

Denver Baby Photography:  Like so many of my baby clients, Caitlin and Dan found me after they got engaged and hired me as their engagement and wedding photographer.  I loved getting to know them and being a part of their special day, so of course I was thrilled when I heard from Caitlin that they had had a son and wanted me to come back for more photos!

Baby Daniel already takes after his daddy (and namesake) and it was so fun to see them again.  I hadn’t seen them since their wedding day, but I was instantly welcomed into their home where my work adorned practically every wall!  Nothing makes me happier than walking into a clients home and seeing my photos all over the place.  They are constant reminders of why I am passionate about what I do with my photography.

Here’s the thing.  A print in a frame is more than a photo.  It’s more than a moment in time.  It’s more than a fun or beautiful memory.  It’s all of those things AND piece of family history that will long outlast the people pictured.  Trust me, someday, baby Daniel’s grand-children’s grandchildren will look back on these photos and wonder about them.  I speak from a personal experience I just had over Thanksgiving looking at photos of my dad’s grandfather from when he was a little boy.  It was eerie and wonderful all at the same time.

I love that about photography and I suppose that’s why I have allowed my business to evolve along with the couples and families that have created it in the first place.  The family history seed that is planted one a wedding day, is just that- a seed.  Eventually it blossoms as children are born and as families grow.  And as it turns out, my job, as a writer of people’s family histories, doesn’t end on the wedding day either.  I’ve said it before and I will say it again…  There is no greater compliment than being invited BACK into peoples lives after the wedding is done and over for more photos.  Thank you Caitlin and Dan!!  And Congratulations on the fabulous new addition to your family.  I know you will all be so happy together and I look forward to seeing you all again anytime you want new photos for your walls. 


Highlands Ranch Baby Photographer: Bear, newborn

Highlands Ranch Baby Photographer:  It’s round two for another of my favorite families that came into my life via my wedding photography biz. Christine and Mike Gregorek have been another staple couple in my personal and professional life intersected.  We originally hit it off several years ago before their wedding.  And since then we have completed baby’s first year with their first born daughter, Ava, and have now moved into another round of baby and family photos with their new son, Bear.

Similar to what I mentioned in one of my recent family posts, “Baby’s First Year “for the first born and “Baby’s First Year” for the second born are two very different investments.  Ultimately yes, the sessions are about the same length of time, and yes, you end up with a similar number of finished images.  However, the main difference between #1 and #2…. is, well, #1.  Plan on your toddler being up in the mix during #2’s shoot- because, they will be!

Don’t get me wrong-  This is all fine and good from where I’m sitting!  I love seeing all of my favorite kiddos and getting to see how big sis or brother has grown up since their last shoot with me. But, I feel like it’s worth mentioning since I’ve personally had to adjust to this new phenomena with many of my current clients being in the same place with their families and kiddos at the same time.  And that said,  it’s not the same.  And it’s harder.  If you think about it, the same can generally be said for any activity involving a 2 or a 3 year old.  I have a niece that is nearly 3, I am aware.  :-)

Ava has grown up so much and she was an excellent big sister during her brother’s official debut.  We took her photos with Bear first (highly recommended) and then she just played and made us laugh while I got my baby on with sweet little Bear and my 35mm 1.8.  This has become my go-to favorite portrait lens, and especially fab for newborns!

Christine!  I am so happy for you and Mike and Ava!  Bear is totally precious and I can’t wait to see you again soon.  As always, I look forward to yet another year of baby and family fun with you all.  Thank you again for your loyalty and friendship!  Love you!  XOXO


Golden Baby Photography: Jack Snow, newborn

Golden Baby Photography:  I know that I was just one of many people who had been anxiously awaiting the arrival of this little slice of perfection for the better part of this year.  Lauren and Nick (adoringly known as my favorite NYE wedding couple to date) welcomed the newest addition to their family, Jack Snow, on August 19th at 11:18pm.  I met him two weeks later for his first official photo shoot.  It never ceases to amaze me, no matter how many newborns I meet, just how tiny they can be.  Teensy little finger and toenails, little chicken legs, tiny baby lips….  yum!  I love so many things about new babies!

We did the majority of the photos in Jacks nursery and in his mommy and daddy’s master bedroom.  The natural light was ideal during our maternity session in both of these rooms and we had planned to shoot about the same time of day.  I also liked having the continuity in the images between the maternity session and the newborn session.

Photographing newborns can definitely be tricky, but I’ve learned a few things that generally make shooting newborns the easiest baby session I do.  Here’s the quick and dirty to getting great newborn images!

1)  Try to plan the shoot around nap and feeding times.  For newborns it’s not critical that they are awake, in fact, sleeping newborns are the easiest to work with.  But it’s helpful to arrive shortly after a nap and a full tummy.

2) Use a nursing boppy covered by a blanket- it makes the perfect little baby proper-upper.  If the baby doesn’t like being alone, mom or dad’s arms achieve the same effect.

3) Window light is my favorite, but you can also use reflectors or and LED light.  I like to use the window light for the main, and an IceLight for fill.  I do this same lighting technique at almost every portrait session I photograph in my clients homes.  It makes for a beautifully even and soft, daylight balanced light.

4) Work quickly but be patient.  Newborns don’t generally last very long and it’s normal for them to need things during the shoot.  Things like needing to eat a little, needing to be changed, needing to fall asleep.  The sooner any of these needs are addressed the sooner, and more importantly, the easier, it will be to get back to taking photos.

5) Have a hairdryer handy.  The warm air and the white noise that comes from a hairdryer on low near the baby is a magical combination.  Try it!  You will see.  It almost instantly puts babies into a calm trance.

6) Get on their level.  I like to put babies on the floor so that I can photograph from over top of them, but I always remember to get down on their level, whether that means laying on the floor or bending down level with the top of the bed.

To Lauren and Nick:  Congratulations!!!  I couldn’t be happier for you guys.  :-)  AND,  I look forward to many, many more photo shoots with your gorgeous family for years and years to come.  MUWAH!




Denver Family Photography: Olivia’s 1st Birthday

Denver Family Photography:  Rounding out another baby’s first year series with a fabulous little birthday party fit for a ladybug.   Sarah and Brian are another couple that have made a mark in my heart as we have grown closer and closer over the years since their fabulous wedding in 2010.  From photo shoots, to wine dates, to dinner dates, to parties, Sarah and Brian are much more than clients to me- they are friends that I will be forever grateful for!  Sweet little Liv is a very lucky little girl to have been born to two such fabulous parents.

I loved being a part of her 1st birthday party and of course photographing her with her very first cake!  Sarah and Brian are known to be great hosts, but they went above and beyond to make this a special party, not only for Olivia and her baby friends, but also for all of the adults!  Bug juice=wine!

It’s always a little bittersweet when I finish up a baby’s first year collection.  I have loved seeing little Olivia grow up this past year.  From the maternity session to the newborn session to the 3 month session, to the 9 month session, to this, the one year celebration, it has been a highlight on my calendar every time we’ve gotten together.  I know I will get to see Olivia grow up over the years and I look forward to the next opportunity we have to create more beautiful images together.  Again, I am selfishly anxious for Sarah and Brian to have another baby.  :-)  But no rush!  We can go back to regular wine dates for now.  Happy Birthday little Olivia!  You should be good and groomed for your modeling career!! xoxo