Eryn & Sean: Ft. Morgan Engagement Photography

I grew up in Ft. Morgan, a small town in northeastern Colorado, and while it's not exactly "convenient" for me to do photo shoots there now, I often find myself thinking of places I used to drive by or hang out at that would make excellent locations for different photo shoots I fantasize about. One such photo-fantasy came true a couple of weeks ago and I am in love with these engagement photos! When Eryn emailed me and said she was hoping I could give her some ideas for a cool location that included "open spaces and a barn or something" I immediately had the image of this old barn in a huge open field that is right across the highway from the Fort Morgan airport. Besides the fact that Eryn and Sean were willing to trek out to east, I also love this couple because we connected so instantly when we met and I just knew we would have an easy-breezy time together and that I would be able to get amazing images with them. My instincts were correct. :-) I love it when that happens!! We … [Read more...]