Colorado Wedding Photography in Steamboat Springs: Jess and Jim

I am incredibly excited to finally share with you an amazing and special Colorado wedding of some of my dearest friends, Jess and Jim. I wanted to give the fabulous bride & groom, my good friends Jess & Jim, some beautiful, intimate and amazing wedding photographs.  It was the least I could do for this amazing couple who’ve been some of my best friends for basically my entire adult life!

It all started back when Jess became best friends with my middle younger sister, Louise, at CSU.  Once my youngest sister left home and got to know Jess too, the four of us girls spent lots of time together.  Activities included creating crazy Halloween costumes, dancing many nights away at cabin parties and of course spending hours upon hours up on the slopes!

Jess and Jim met years ago in Fort Collins, at Old Chicago’s. Currently Jess works as an engineer, she loves her art and traveling! Jim is a financial analyst, who loves his baseball and playing guitar. Jess and Jim were, and still are, absolutely in love with Colorado and everything the Rockies have to offer.  If this adventurous couple isn’t ski diving, hiking, skiing, or mountain biking, they’re probably outside with their dog, Nikko! Jess & Jim’s love for Colorado certainly shined through on their wedding day. Not only were we surrounded by a beautiful landscape and gorgeous mountains, the weekend was filled with ski poles, flowered flip flops, Colorado flags, maps of the mountains and guests were even reminded to sign a pair of cool wooden skis for the bride & groom!

Jess and Jim rented out the Bella Vista Estate for the entire weekend, where all close friends and family were invited to stay.  I LOVED that I got to spend so much time with not only Jess and Jim, but with both of my sisters and brother-in-laws! All of us even got to play a role in the wedding weekend; my sister Louise was the co-maid of honor, Jesse sang Ben Harper’s “Forever” during the ceremony, my brother-in-law, Rob, sang “Try a Little Tenderness” at the reception (and brought the house down!)  As for me, well, I got the privilege and honor of being their wedding photographer :)

Just as the thunder boomed and rain drops started to fall out of the sky, the ceremony began! The guests’ eyes (and mine) were all aimed towards the sky as Jess and Jim met at the end of the aisle. Walking confidently, ready to commit their lives to each other, the weather seemingly not in their mind. Within minutes, the drops transformed into pouring down rain! That’s when Jim looked at his beautiful bride getting drenched and called it.  Everyone ran for cover under a tent, but not to worry, soon enough we proceeded right where we left off.  One thing’s for sure, no one will forget that ceremony anytime soon!  As Jess and Jim whispered their vows privately to each other the raindrops came again, only this time, softer, and no one seemed to mind.  After the deal was sealed with a fabulous kiss, they held hands together, practically skipping up the aisle, damp, but married… finally and forever.

A beautiful rainbow awaited the bride and groom as the rain left for good. The colors of the sky were breathtaking, and by then Jess’s curls had sprung back to life, beautiful as ever, almost as if there hadn’t been any rain in the first place. What an amazing weekend for some gorgeous Colorado wedding photography. Thank you Jess and Jim for an unforgettably fun and amazing weekend in Steamboat Springs!

Denver Engagement Photography: Stef and Tim

This adorable couple, or trio, is every wedding photographers dream!  Stef, Tim, TJ and I had a blast in downtown Denver doing some amazing engagement photography!

This picture perfect couple met through a mutual friend at work, and as they say, the rest is history! Stef, otherwise known to her close friends as “Butters” is a dance coach at Columbine high school, and formerly a Denver Bronco’s cheerleader.  Tim, a root canal specialist, purposed to his bride at the Pathways Church in Denver on a Thursday afternoon, a completely unexpected, romantic and wonderful surprise! They love to travel, play games, and hang out with the adorable TJ.

I truly enjoyed working with Stef, Tim and of course  TJ, who is quite the entertainer and stud might I add :) Not only were they incredibly photogenic, but they also had great care-free attitudes, and were willing to do anything and go everywhere! Clowning around with TJ, blowing kisses to one another and walking the streets of Denver was such a great time on this perfect summer afternoon. Shooting these three made my job pretty easy! It doesn’t take long to see that they are all so excited and happy for the upcoming wedding! I totally loved Stef’s pink dress and awesome heels! The guys also looked great in their matching shirts!

When this couple isn’t enjoying a concert or rooting for the Nuggets, Bronco’s or Rockies, they are spending time with TJ, watching him grow and thrive in athletics. Tim’s handsome six-year-old son TJ is taking on the big role of being the best man for their special day! Stef and Tim plan on taking some photos before the wedding at Stef’s stomping ground- Invesco field! I have never done photography at Invesco so I’m totally excited! The couple plans on a contemporary wedding, with pink, grey and black color themes and Tim’s good friend as the guitarist for cocktail hour.

I am so thrilled to be shooting this exciting couples Colorado wedding! Tim and Stef’s wedding site will be at the Four Seasons in downtown Denver on September 4th 2011.  I truly can’t wait for their amazing September wedding, I know it’s going to be a great day filled with amazing wedding photography, love, celebration and how could I forget – dancing!!  

Wedding Photography Denver: Sarah and Randall

This nontraditional Denver wedding made for some amazing and unique photographs at the beautiful and authentic Tamayo Mexican restaurant, located downtown Denver on Larimer square. Randall and Sarah were such a fun couple to shoot! Both the bride and groom stayed so relaxed and calm, even as excitement ran through the summer air! This wedding was truly unique and personal, as the happy couple were surrounded only by their closest friends and family… and the wedding photographer of course :)

Sarah was definitely not your typical bride in her short and elegant champagne dress, with her beautiful sash and fun green heels! She looked gorgeous with her hair twisted up and a simple green flower that matched her shoes! I simply adored the bride’s bright and colorful bouquets, composed of orange, yellow, purple and green! They matched the fun, summery and nontraditional theme of the bride’s special day. Her bridal party was composed of her two beautiful and loving sisters, these ladies created such a fun and relaxed environment for everyone! These lovely ladies allowed the day to move very smoothly, without any hectic moments or stressful thoughts, It was just another beautiful wedding day in Denver for Sarah and her sisters.

This special wedding was both refreshing and elegant. Cocktail hour was perfect on the rooftop of Tamayo, overlooking the city, mountains and the charming Larimer square. What a delicious time filled with scrumptious Mexican appetizers, delicious lime and strawberry margaritas, and a fun and delightful DJ. Close family and friends were happy to take photographs together, enjoy the summer sun, and take in the gorgeous surrounding view. After all the guests were done catching up and received their glass of champagne, the quaint ceremony on the festive rooftop began.

The ceremony for the happy couple was incredibly personal and unique, as the bride & groom were completely surrounded by their loved ones from all angles! I loved the uniqueness of this Colorado wedding, although a bit challenging to shoot with family so close together in a small space, but after crawling around searching for the right angle, these wedding photos came out perfectly with the summer light adding a soft and delicate touch. Their moment was incredibly intimate, elegant and symbolic of the special couple. After the marriage certificate was finally signed, all guests toasted and clinked their glasses together, Sarah and Randall were finally official!

After toasts, delicious Mexican specialties, many hugs and a few more margarita’s, it was time to dance under the beautifully lit dance floor. Everyone was having a marvelous time, twirling, line dancing, as well as eating cupcakes and delicious berry pies! What a perfect and special summer night for a Denver wedding. All the guests were thrilled to be celebrating together, and the music was fabulous!

This couple was matched perfectly not only together, but with their choice of a quaint, authentic Mexican restaurant rooftop, it simply made for a perfect Colorado wedding venue. So much thanks to Sarah and Randall for giving me the opportunity to photograph your bright, personal, nontraditional and authentic Denver wedding!

Wedding Photography at Crooked Willow Farms: Katie and Ben

This bootkickin’ themed Colorado wedding fit perfectly at the beautiful Crooked Willow Farms in Larkspur, Colorado where there was plenty of room for some amazing wedding photography. Katie and Ben’s special day created some of my favorite wedding photographs that were incredibly fun, romantic and country themed! From the barn, to the sparkling lights, and the sunflowers to the horses and goats, this was a Colorado wedding to remember!

Surrounded by beautiful fields, animals, wine barrels, and breathtaking country landscape, the gorgeous wedding venue was perfect for this Colorado bride. I knew it was going to be an amazing day when I met Katie and her bridesmaids preparing for the big day! As the ladies put on their lovely grey dresses, each differently styled & accompanied with beautiful blue necklaces, Katie put on her gorgeous white dress, and added the final touch by pulling on her rustic cowgirl boots. After a couple of Coors light’s, and a bit of dancing on the couches, it was time for Katie to get married to the love of her life!

This couples wedding details were delightful! The groomsmen in their grey ties with yellow polka dots, and the ladies with their differently brightly colored bouquets. The sunflowers matched perfectly with the sparkling lights and beautiful classic red barn.

The dogs did a great job walking down the aisle for their parents, with their beautiful sunflowers and happy smiles. The ceremony was filled with smiles and tears from the beginning to the end. The couple looked incredibly beautiful and happy on the beautiful green field, surrounded by tall yellow sunflowers, green grass and beautiful mountains. After it was finally official the families were ready to celebrate.

This wedding gave me an opportunity to capture some beautiful moments and memories. Thank you Katie & Ben for an amazing Colorado wedding filled with love, laughter and joy!