Beaver Creek Wedding: Jess & Jon

I’m so excited to share this fabulous Beaver Creek wedding I recently had the honor of photographing for Jessica and Jon Reedy at Beano’s Cabin on June 19th. JoAnn Moore, of Mountains and Meadows, was the fantastic wedding coordinator and not a single detail was missed. JoAnn did such an amazing job with this wedding and it is always such a relief to work with such talented professionals. A huge thank you goes out to her for the referral of this fantastic couple. As you will see momentarily, both Jessica and Jon are beyond gorgeous people and it was funny because we kept getting stopped in the Beaver Creek village by passers-by wanting to know if we were shooting a “real” wedding or if they were models. I started responding: Both! :-)

Jess (previously Cumming), aka, the “princess of the pipe” was not only a vision of a bride, but she is also a US Olympic half-pipe skier. Jon is an extreme skier as well (they met skiing!) and the two of them combined have more than a gaggle of skier friends that helped their reception party bounce well into the night. I learned something new too. Apparently, when a skier spills a beer, they have to drink one out of a ski boot! One of the female skier guests got caught spilling, and since there was no boot around, they used someones shoe right off their foot! Wow! Remind me to never spill my beer around hard-core skiers. ūüėČ

Ritz-Carlton Denver Wedding: Christine & Mike

Christine and Michael Gregorek had one of the most amazing weddings at The Ritz-Carlton in downtown Denver that I have ever had the pleasure of being part of! With the help of the fabulous Heather Allen of Table 6 Productions, Newberry Brothers, LMD Productions, and of course the fabulous staff at the Ritz, led by Elizabeth Brady, they completely transformed the ballroom into a glowing pink wedding wonderland! Their ceremony was held at the Holy Trinity Methodist Church and afterwards the two of them and I took a old fashioned Rolls Royce downtown for some urban landscape wedding photography. That was without a doubt one of my favorite parts of the day.

Mike stopped off at a hotdog stand and then fed his gorgeous bride hotdogs hanging out on a piano bench on the 16th St. mall. I LOVE that they did that!! What a great memory that will always be for them (and me!). I felt like I was really able to connect with both Christine and Mike over the course of the last year working together and they treated me like a welcome guest all day and night. I also have to mention their band, Bop Skizzum, who were seriously incredible! It was the first time I had ever heard them, and I was super impressed! I would definitely recommend them. A huge thank you to Christine and Mike, and to the lovely Ms. Allen for referring me. Christine and Mike, I look forward to keeping in touch with you both and possibly catching a Rockies game together sometime. You deserve the best that life has to offer now, and always. Feel free to check out more of their gorgeous Denver wedding :-)

Helen & Dan’s Crooked Willow Farm Wedding Celebration

Have you ever had something wonderful land in your lap that was entirely unexpected?¬† Helen and Dan’s wedding was that for me this year!¬† September is always one of those “crazy” wedding season months here in Colorado, and not without good reason.¬† We have “picture perfect” weather… very low chance of rain, warm days, not too cool nights.¬† But, it just so happened that Sept. 11 fell on a Saturday this year and as you might imagine, most of the wedding vendors and venues had availability.¬† Helen and Dan got married in June of this year, they eloped while in London, but wanted to have a big party to celebrate with all their friends and family.¬† Their vision was a “farm” feeling where their guests could relax and experience a weekend of CO beauty.¬† Well, Crooked Willow Farms was available on Sept. 11th and it was an absolutely perfect fit. They booked it and the whirlwind planning began. When I met with Helen for the first time in my¬†studio, we hit it off immediately.¬† And after the engagement session and then a boudoir session, I knew we were a match made.¬† I feel like I must have known Helen in a previous life or something.¬† Anyway, as it ended up, I spent three days at¬†Crooked Willow¬†with the charming Brendan, the wonderful staff from¬†Epicurean¬†and¬†Design Works, and the perfectly organized Kathy Vaughn, from¬†A Beautiful Memory, who coordinated everything so wonderfully, shooting my heart out.¬† There was fishing and camels, campfires and dancing, drinking and eating, laughing and singing, and everything in between that you can think of.¬† It was a BLAST and I am so honored to have been there to experience it all too.¬† I just love Helen and Dan and I am looking forward to a lifetime friendship with them both. Check out their amazing Colorado wedding weekend set to music¬†¬†here (Slideshow).¬† And although it was nearly impossible to choose for this post, here are a “few” of my favorite images from the weekend.¬† You might notice my obsession with the camels.¬† :-)¬† They were so sweet!¬† Thanks to everyone involved…We made an awesome team!¬†¬†

Speed Shooting: Wedding Retreat Wedding in Florida

Have camera bag, will travel.¬† :-)¬† I have been all over the map in the last couple of weeks!¬† A week after getting back from Atlanta, I was on my way to Orlando, FL for the premier Weekend Wedding Retreat at the¬†Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress¬†presented by Susan Southerland and the¬†Just Marry¬†team as well as the hotel.¬† I flew in on a Thursday, shot with the Just Marry team on Friday, and Saturday was a jam packed day of shooting, documenting the event all day, speaking to all of the couples about how to choose a wedding photographer who were split into two different groups,¬† not to mention the 17 “mini” engagement shoots with each couple that attended.¬† It was a bit like what I imagine speed dating would be like…a total whirlwind! 10 min per couple starting at 3:00, 3:10, 3:20, 3:30, 3:40… and on like that until I had photographed everyone.¬† I had about 15 min for a quick change of clothes while also making a slideshow to surprise the couples with at the mock wedding reception that was going to finish off the evening.¬† By the end of the day I think I had taken close to 4,000 photos. It was a crazy fun event for everyone!¬† I had so much fun with all of the couples and I got really great images of all of them all despite the time constraints.¬† It was quite a challenge for me and I felt really great about it afterward. :-) Hopefully I will get to photograph some of their weddings too!¬† The hotel was absolutely amazing and the food was fantastic!¬† A big thank you to Angela Palacio, catering manager at the¬†Grand Cypress, you were so awesome and so helpful!¬† I hope I get to come back to shoot weddings with you.¬† And to the other fantastic vendors involved;¬†Vangie,¬†you were absolutely marvelous!¬†¬†Jeff, you amazing DJ you, great to meet you also. Thanks for the blackjack lessons… and to everyone else involved, thank you!

Gayle and Barry Steinhart (Write in Style):
Jon Zimmerman (Absolutely Fitting):
Shannon Kykta (Solutions Bridal):
Diana Jo Rosanna (Two Left Feet Dance Lessons):
Vangie DeLaConcha (Blossoms РArrangements of Distinction):
Jeff Verschage (White Rose Entertainment):
Susan Southerland (Just Marry!):
Angela Palacio (Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress):

Here are my favorite shot of each couple!