Engagement Photography

Capture where it all began with engagement photography to help cherish the moment and feelings of your bridal engagement with pictures and images to last a lifetime.

Engagement Photography in Denver: Johanna & John Michael

I am absolutely taken with this engagement session that I photographed at Riverfront Park in downtown Denver a few weeks ago.  Johanna and John Michael are getting married this Saturday, March 30th, at the Brown Palace Hotel, and I could not be more excited about it.  We had a  fantastic time together taking their engagement photos and I have no doubt that their wedding will be equally as special. Right off the bat, it’s easy to see that they are both strikingly good looking.  But even more than that, their darling personalities and charming dispositions made them so much fun to be around and to work with.  I love it when my clients are so easy going and relaxed in front of the lens with me.  It makes posing and directing them almost effortless.  As we walked around the park looking for cool backdrops, we chatted easily about how they met and what they do and by the time we were done, we were like old friends hugging goodbye.  Their love and energy was totally contagious and I feel like it shines through in the images we created together.

My wedding line up this year is chalk full of darling couples like this and I feel so lucky to have so many clients placing their trust in my abilities to capture such a special and unforgettable occasion in their lives.  I can say without hesitation that I have one of the best jobs in the world and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  It’s couples like Johanna and John Michael that drive my passion to create and inspire, and I am eternally grateful that I have landed in the position I am in. Thank you Johanna and John Michael!  I can’t wait to spend one of the most important days of your life with you in just a couple of days.  I look forward to a life-long friendship full of beautiful moments frozen in time for now and always.

Engagement Photos at CU, Boulder: Allison and Devin

As a CU Boulder alumni myself, I am admittedly more than a ‘little’ biased, but I happen to think this particular campus is THE most beautiful place in the state (and possibly the country?!?) to go to college.  CU has it’s own special charm in every season, but especially in the fall.  The colors at the height of the autumn season are beyond gorgeous.  Mix into that the beautiful old stone buildings with wide open grassy fields and big leafy trees, and you have pure magic.  Anytime I have a couple that has a connection with CU that wants to take their engagement photos there, I am quick to jump at the chance!  Since Allison and Devin met while attending CU, they more than fit the bill.  Just being in close proximity to the architecture, the landscapes, the bridges, the fountains, the sidewalks, and the buzz of the people, has me fall in love with that place all over again.  Walking around with Allison and Devin during their engagement session as we chatted easily about our time there, recalled our funny stories, and just soaked up the fresh air and clear skies was like being with old college friends again.  All of that being the case, it was especially easy to capture images that are full of life and energy, and of course, LOVE.

I have said it before and I will say it again… I have an incredible line-up of brides and grooms this year that I feel extremely lucky to be involved with.  Allison and Devin are certainly included in that group!  Given the wonderful time we had taking their engagement photos and the way they were with each other and with me has me VERY excited about their wedding day.  Besides that, I also will get to work with one of my favorite wedding planners, Ann Marlin from Cloud 9 Weddings and Papers, and for this I am doubly grateful. Allison and Devin, what can I say?  You are super-fab, completely darling, funny and charming, beautiful and sincere.  Thank you so much for choosing me as your photographer.  We are certainly, and without a doubt, going to continue the photographic magic that started at this special place for us for (hopefully) a lifetime.  Next up, your wedding!  I can’t wait.

Engagement Photography in Colorado: Kristina and Sean

I am thrilled to share these gorgeous fall engagement photos that I took in Eldora, Colorado with another couple I couldn’t be more excited about.  Kristina, the beautiful bride-to-be, & I met several years ago while working with one of my favorite wedding coordinators, Ann Marlin, from Cloud 9 (weddings and papers). Ann and I go way back, both personally and professionally, and she always has the most darling girls working with her.  Kristina is certainly no exception.  And, as one of Ann’s main assistants for the last several years, I know that Kristina has seen and met nearly all of the best wedding photographers in Colorado.  The fact that she choose me to be hers is truly one of the most wonderful compliments I could ask for.

It worked out that Kristina and her gorgeous fiance, Sean, were able to take advantage of the weekend I had open in Eldora, where my families cabin is located, to do their engagement session.  We are making a signature book of these images to be used as a guest book at her wedding, so we did an extended version of an engagement shoot allowing for several different outfit changes and taking advantage of several different locations around Eldora- all with absolutely stunning fall colors.

I love that they brought their CO state sweatshirts and their fly-fishing rods to include a little bit of their personalities as well.  They are Colorado kids though and through, with a love for the outdoors, and appreciation of the mountains, and a love for fishing together.  We couldn’t have picked a more appropriate backdrop.  I’m pretty sure that after our session, Kristina and Sean actually went fly-fishing too.  :-) I love a pretty girl that isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty.  That’s my kind of chic indeed.  And Sean isn’t just tall and handsome (though he clearly is both things), he’s a perfect match for Kristina in both kindness and attitude as well.  It only took me an instant to understand their connection and unconditional love for each other.  I literally cannot WAIT for their wedding day!

Boulder Sweethearts: Karensa and Elliott’s Engagement

One of the best things about being a wedding photographer in a city like Denver with a fairly tight knit wedding industry is that (for better or worse) a lot of times your professional reputation can precede you.  In the case of wedding planner, Jessica Adler, of JA Special Events, I have heard nothing but rainbows and roses. I have had lots of industry people tell me fantastic things about her over the past several years, but for one reason or another, our paths never actually crossed in real time.  Then one day several months back I got an email from her out of the blue saying basically the same thing from her to me.  I was thrilled when she told me she was interested in working with me and getting to know me better!  And when I met with her bride, Karensa, I instantly knew that Jessica and I were overdue to get on each other’s professional radars.  I tend to believe that the kinds of brides a planner attracts is indicative of who they are and what they are all about.  It’s certainly not always the case, and their have been some pretty stark exceptions, but generally, I find it to be fairly consistent.

Karensa is exactly the kind of easy-going, sweet & lovely bride that I can instantly relate too.  Within minutes of meeting her it became clear to me that not only was Karensa going to book me as her wedding photographer, but that I was about to have a new client (and friend) for life.  We talked about some of the other kinds of photography I do, including baby and family, and I could tell she liked the fact that my clients, once mine, stick with me.

That being the case, of course I wasn’t shocked to find that her fiance, Elliott, was equally charming and friendly.  The three of us (plus their dapper pooch) had a great time together wandering around the mountains behind his parents home in North Boulder and took advantage of the magic hour of evening light for their engagement session.  And when we were finishing up, Karensa asked if I would take a few photos of Elliot playing piano for her.  Of course I was more than happy to!  Not only is Elliott a warm and wonderful man whose love for Karensa practically vibrates off of his being, but he is an EXTREMELY talented pianist as well!  I just wanted to keep taking photos of them so he wouldn’t stop.  :-)  Karensa and Elliott, thank you again for choosing me and I can’t wait to create beautiful wedding art with you and your families in just a few short months.  Jessica, thank you so much for recommending this darling couple to me and I can’t wait to work with you!