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Wedding Photography by the Wedding Artist, Frances Marron, will capture the beauty of your bridal day anywhere in the World, or locally in Boulder, Denver, Colorado Springs, and Fort Collins.

Denver Wedding Photographer: “Forever Young”

Denver Wedding Photographer:  On Sept. 27, 2014 Kerry O’Toole and Jamey Young took me on a roller-coaster of emotions as they said their “I do’s.”  From nerves, to tears, to loads of smiles and laughter, I think I experienced just about every emotion in the book this wedding day.  It’s pretty normal for me to feel the feelings of the people I am photographing (it kinda comes with the territory) but honestly, I wasn’t prepared for the emotional ride that these two lovebirds took me on…

The ceremony was simple and traditional and was held at Our Lady of Fatima in Lakewood.  Perhaps it was the fact that this is the same church where Kerry’s father’s funeral service was held 7 years ago.  Perhaps it was the look on Jamey’s face as his gorgeous bride was walked down the aisle to him on the arm of her big brother.  Or maybe it was the way Kerry’s mom looked at her daughter with so much pride…  All I know is, I had goosebumps up and down my entire body and I will never forget choking up behind the camera as I looked through my lens at Jamey choking up while Kerry walked down the aisle to his side.

After the ceremony, Kerry and Jamey hopped in their getaway car that the wedding party had so fabulously decorated for them….and it was all smiles for the next couple of hours!  We went to Kerry’s mother’s house with one of the most fabulous backyard garden-scapes I have ever seen for photos.  And then it was party-time.   Let me say this- these two crazy kids and all of their friends and family most definitely know how to PARTY!  With close to 300 guests, the drinks flowed and the dance floor was packed!

And it cannot go without mention that I have now officially witnessed the most AMAZING groom-mother dance of all time!  Jamey and his awesome mom did a choreographed mash-up that started with Jamey putting ballet slippers on his mom (like out of dirty dancing) and included all of our favorite 80’s and 90’s dance moves.  They brought the house down.  Seriously.  I hope to God someone got that on video!  If they did, it’s probably gone viral by now.

I could go on and on… but I’m sure you are more interested in seeing the photos than in my gushing, so I will cut it short.  But before I do, I just want to give a giant THANK YOU to both Kerry and Jamey for being such a fun and darling couple!  Thank you for choosing me to document your wedding day.  It’s one I will never forget for many reasons.  It’s couples like you that keep me passionate about what I do.  You both were so real, so vulnerable, and so so lovable! So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.  I wish you both all the happiness in the world and a lifetime of adventures together!! Oh, AND, I can’t wait for you to have babies. 😉


Beaver Creek Wedding Photographers: Cortney & Micheal

Beaver Creek Wedding Photographers: I’m so proud of my girls! A special thanks today to two of my fabulous associates for their hard work on this beautiful fall wedding!  Telly Weddon as the lead shooter, and Melissa Rich, as second, worked together seamlessly and captured truly gorgeous images that I am happy to put my name on.  When I choose the photographers I wanted to join my team it was important to me that I created a group of women who would all work together well, like each other, and enjoy shooting together regardless of who was “in charge.” With three associate weddings under our belts for 2014, it seems I have done just that.

Cortney and Micheal exchanged their wedding vows in front of a gorgeous Colorado fall backdrop on the lawn behind the Westin in Beaver Creek.  In my opinion, this venue oftentimes gets overlooked for more dramatic locations. However, there is something to be said for an easy to navigate, all-in-one, wedding venue.  The wedding lawn backs onto a beautiful stream with access to the bike path in either direction.  I have taken advantage of this for photos with the bride and groom and wedding party in the past, and my girls did the same for Cortney and Micheal.  Also, given the spacious lawn, it’s easy to move around the ceremony without being too obvious and capture the view from lots of different angles.  After the ceremony all the guests can literally walk up a short ramp and be on the patio outside of the main ballroom for cocktail hour and then step right inside for the reception, dinner, and dancing.

Thank you to Cortney and Micheal for trusting your special day to my team!  I hope that you will relive all of the magic, love and laughter that made your wedding day uniquely yours for a lifetime to come.

Saddle Ridge Wedding, Beaver Creek: Evan & Chris

Saddle Ridge Wedding, Beaver Creek:  Oh boy!  Where do I begin??  Let me start by saying that this was such a fun wedding to photograph and I absolutely fell in LOVE with both Evan and Chris!  Besides being an absolutely stunning fall day with a stunning couple so obviously in love (I mean can you really ask for more than that?!?), I had everything I could want to create gorgeous wedding images all day long.  I had my fab associate, Melissa Rich on second shooter duty.  I had a beautiful first look and lots of time to photograph the wedding party and families.  I had the fabulous Heather Dwight, from Calluna Events coordinating everything perfectly.  The maid of honor gave the best “speech” I have ever heard.  Well, actually it was more like a rap that she created to the “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” song.  HILARIOUS I must add!  The handsome groom, Chris, (also a rockstar-no, seriously) surprised the bride with a song that he sang to her at the reception that knocked everyone’s socks off.  It was all-around one of my favs of the year.  I clicked instantaneously with both the bride and groom and it didn’t hurt that Evan reminded me so much of one of my best college girlfriends, both in looks and personality, that I felt like I was in some kind of a time-warp- ha!

I am in LOVE with their first look too!  Talk about genuine and so so so happy!  I literally couldn’t get a bad shot of these two when they saw each other for the first time that day.  Have I mentioned that I love doing first looks??  Well, I do. And these two are a perfect example of why.  :-)

Evan, originally from Plano TX, and Chris, originally from Lake Forest, IL, actually met in the Colorado mountains about 5 years ago when they were both living and working in Vail via a mutual friend/roommate.  Evan says that the night they met, they hit it off immediately and have been creating nonsense together ever since!  Four years later on a hike to one of Evan’s favorite places in Beaver Creek, Beaver Lake, Chris proposed.  In Evan’s words:  “As we were wrapping up to head back down the trail, Chris turned me towards the river that fed into the lake and got down on one knee.  This is where I lost it and didn’t even look at the ring nor listen to what he said.  I just threw my around around him, instantly crying tears of unbelievable joy.  He then joked and asked me if I wanted to see the ring and we started laughing and it was in that moment, we started the journey we are on now!”

Thank you so much to Evan and Chris and both of their wonderful families!  Thank you to Heather for all your help with everything!  Thank you to Saddle Ridge staff for the delicious food! Thank you to Melissa for being so in sync with me.  I certainly can’t do my job in a vacuum and you all made the images captured on this gorgeous day possible.  Evan and Chris, I wish you both all the happiness in the Universe!  Congratulations!!

Denver Wedding Photography: Calie and Aaron

Denver Wedding Photography:  Calie Carrick and Aaron McCamant tied the knot this past Labor Day weekend in the gorgeous backyard of Calie’s uncle’s home in Cherry Hills Village with about 200 guests, most from out of state.  Both the bride and groom spent the majority of their lives in Texas, and after college ended up working for the same company in the oil and gas industry.  While they worked together for almost a year they didn’t connect until they were both sent to Denver for a Due Diligence project for a couple of weeks.  After a few casual dinners and lunches while together in Denver their relationship progressed into something more once they were back in Texas.  About a year later Aaron surprised Calie with a proposal at their first date spot, the Brown Palace.  After surprising her with a beautiful ring, Aaron and Calie moved to the lobby for champagne to celebrate.  Right at that moment his parents, her grandparents, mother and sister also surprised Calie to help celebrate their engagement!

This was far from what you may imagine a simple backyard wedding to be.  First of all the grounds of the home that made up the venue are extensive and there was plenty 0f room for 200+ people to move around with ease.  The guests arrived to a beautiful ceremony set up in front of one of the ponds.  After the ceremony there was another space allocated to an outdoor lounge-like cocktail hour, and another area where the gorgeous dinner and dancing tents were set up.  The bride wore her grandmother’s wedding dress, which was also worn by her mother.  I actually was able to get old photographs of both her grandmother and her mother in the gown, as well as a new bridal portrait for Calie blown up and printed on canvases that were hung on a beautiful old cabinet that served as the cake and cupcake display.  And, speaking of cupcakes, these little pieces of art by Elegant Bakery were by far the prettiest cupcakes I have ever laid eyes on!  Oh and tasty too!

Since most of their guests were from out of town and Calie and Aaron are somewhat new to the Denver area, they wanted to do an engagement session around downtown at some of the classic spots in order to show off the wonderful city they now call home in their guest book.  We did a fun little tour of LoHi, the clock-tower building, the big blue convention center bear, the capital building and the art museum.

I would like to offer big thanks to all of the wonderful people that made this wedding day such a success! Firstly, to Colorado Wedding Company for executing a flawless coordination and design (and also for the glowing recommendation!) Thank you to The Perfect Petal who went above and beyond, as usual, and the stunning floral everywhere!  Thanks to Catering by Design for all the delicious gourmet appetizers and the beautiful meal.  Thank you to Mike and Somer, the talented videographers at Rising Moon Films. (I always love working with you!)  And last but not least, thank you to my fab associate, Jennifer, for all of your hard work!

Finally, to Calie and Aaron:  Thank you both so much for being so delightful to work with!  I wish you both all the love and happiness and adventure that you can stand. :-)  AND, I look forward to working with you again in the future when you decide it’s time for your family to grow!