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Denver Engagement Photography: Kerry & Jamey at Red Rocks

I consider myself fortunate to live in a city (Denver) with so many gorgeous locations for engagement photography nearby.  Red Rocks is just one of the many, but it is also one of my very favorite!  One reason is because it has worked well for me in every season from winter to spring to summer to fall.  Given the stunning backdrops of the massive red rocks to incorporate, it pretty much doesn’t matter what is happening on the ground or with the trees since the focus gets drawn to the magnificence of the rocky location.  Kerry and Jamey are one of my darling wedding couples for 2014 and when they said they wanted to go to Red Rocks for their engagement photos, I was all in!  In fact, I may have even suggested it when I knew we were going to take photos in the winter time so that they could use one of the images for their save the date cards.

Their wedding date is set for September 27th, 2014 with the ceremony to be held at Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church and the reception at Sheraton Denver West, both in Lakewood.  They have approximately 300 guests coming to celebrate their marriage and after getting to know them both at our initial consultation as well as the engagement session, I am confident that it is going to be one FUN day!  No only are their personalities sweet and easy to love, but their love for each other is obvious.  I say it often, but I feel like it warrants repeating….I love it when I meet a couple and there is an instant connection like the one I felt with Kerry and Jamey.  Jamey’s only request was that they wear their Bronco gear in a few of the photos.  Not only was I happy to accommodate this request, but the images we took once they changed clothes are some of my favorites…and theirs too!  :-)

Boulder Engagement Photography: Alex and Louis

Boulder is one of my all-time favorite cities for engagement photography in Colorado.  Although Chataqua park might seem like a less than ideal location for this kind of session given it’s popularity with college students and Boulder residents alike pretty much anytime of the day on any given day of the week, I have a couple of tricks up my sleeve to make it seem like there is no one else around.  First of all, I always get off of the beaten path.  At the bottom of the trail head that winds upwards toward the flatirons is a great big field off to the left (if you are facing the mountain) that you can walk a short distance into.  From that vantage point, and using a long telephoto lens, I am generally able to avoid any hikers in the background, while still getting great views of the spectacular flat iron backdrop.  There are also some great fences and large rocks in that same general vicinity that have worked beautifully for my engagement sessions. I also love the long grass that grows everywhere and tend to get low to the ground so that I can shoot through them to create a voyeuristic kind of feel to a few of the images.

Alex and Louis are a darling couple getting married in March of 2015 in Aspen.  Their wedding is going to be a blend of American and Persian traditions and they are going all out!  With a fabulous A-team of Colorado wedding industry professionals (including the Perfect Petal and Calluna Events), it’s going to be one for the record books!  I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Alex’s mother, Susy Shams, and I am thrilled that they have chosen me to document this extraordinary wedding celebration that will last all weekend.  I have never photographed a Persian wedding ceremony before and am beyond excited!  Even though there are still lots of details to be ironed out, one thing I know for sure is that it’s going to be a BLAST.  Is it 2015 yet?  :-)

Denver Engagement Photography: Natalie & Mike

Every once in a while a couple chooses me as their wedding photographer and it just feels overwhelmingly “meant to be.”  When Natalie and Mike and I met several months ago and we started talking about the venue they had chosen, I immediately whipped out an album that I had done for a couple that got married there a couple of years ago.  As soon as Natalie started flipping through it I remember her saying “Omg!  These are the photos that made us choose this venue!  I didn’t even know they were yours!”  And that was pretty much that!   They hired me a couple of days later.  :-)

Besides that, Natalie and I pretty much instantly bonded talking about her life as a professional ballerina.  I was also a fairly serious ballerina from the ages of 7 to 21, so we had lots to chat about and connect on.  I haven’t done ballet in years now, but I can still remember how rigorous and difficult it was like it was yesterday and I have an enormous amount of respect for professional dancers.  Mike was as darling as could be and came with their new puppy in tow which was another instant connector for me.  I am a HUGE dog lover and their puppy had me melting within seconds.

We decided to do a fall engagement session to take advantage of the beautiful fall colors and the gorgeous weather in Colorado that time of year.  They met me at the Standley Lake park in Arvada, CO and we took a little tour around the park looking for the most colorful backdrops.  We had such a great time just talking and shooting that by the end of it I felt like I had known them both for years.  Not to mention the fabulous images we were able to capture!  I am SO excited for their wedding this summer with the wonderful ladies at Cloud 9 that will be taking place at Spruce Mountain Ranch on June 27th.  I know we are going to have a blast together and that their wedding is going to be gorgeous and fun… just like them.  Thank you to Ann and Cortney from Cloud 9 Weddings and Papers for recommending me, and also to Natalie and Mike for selecting me!  I couldn’t be happier about being the lucky photographer chosen for your special day.

Denver Engagement Photography: Tara & Jared

Oh boy, oh boy! The New Year is officially upon us and I am already excited about the amazing weddings I have on my calendar for 2014.  I thought I would start this year with an engagement feature as I know the Holidays are always a season for lots of proposals.  I generally do most of my heavy booking in January and February of each year for that summer and fall, so if you are newly engaged and looking for your photographer, the time do so is NOW!

Tara and Jared are getting married at The Holy Ghost with a black-tie reception at the Brown Palace this coming August 2014.  They wanted to get their engagement photos done at a time when they could take advantage of the gorgeous fall colors in Colorado so we chose on of my favorite locations, Standley Lake, in Arvada near my home and once again, it did not disappoint!  It was an absolutely gorgeous day and the colors were a-blazin’!  But the backdrop aside, this couple is to-die-for, all on their own!  Their energy and love for each other is so obvious, I can’t help but smile every time I look at these images of them.

Tara and Jared met 13 years ago when Tara went to middle school with Jared’s twin brothers and Jared went to high school with Tara’s sister.  They re-united as adults in 2011 when Jared moved back from Las Vegas and Tara moved back from CA.  The saw each other out and about downtown, went on couple of dates, and have been together ever since!  Jared proposed to Tara at the top of the Empire State building and they both agree that was the most exciting time in either of their lives thus far.  I can’t wait to capture this gorgeous couple on what is sure to be a wedding day of their dreams!  Thank you to Tara and Jared for choosing me.  We are going to have a blast and together!!