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Beautiful little Olivia Domareck: Newborn Photography Denver

Ever since their wedding in September of 2010, Sarah and Brian and I have been fast friends.  I absolutely love it when I create genuine friendships with my wedding couples.  Sarah and Brian and I have met for drinks, gotten together for dinners, I’ve attended their house parties, and most recently, they have entrusted me to document an incredibly special milestone in both of their lives…  the addition of a gorgeous new baby daughter!  We are on for the baby’s first year collection which means I am going to see a lot more of this fabulous little family this year!  Hurray!  So far we have done Maternity Photos and Newborn Photos, with lots more to come.

I met them at their house for Olivia’s newborn photos and we took them in the nursery where I had beautiful natural window light and also where Sarah had laid out some of the cutest little newborn props I have ever seen.  I mean, really…did you see those baby wings??  LOVE.  And the tutu’s and headbands didn’t hurt my cause either.  I think Olivia looks a lot like her daddy, but we shall see what happens as she matures.  I always aim to get some beautiful portraits of the baby, which wasn’t hard in this case.  But more than that, I love capturing the spontaneous moments with the new family all together.  It was pretty hilarious trying to get Sarah, Brian, their first fur-child, Lola, and Olivia all together.  Olivia howled, Lola was nervously looking for her escape, and Sarah and Brian just looked at each other like deer in headlights…  like, “what now?!?!”  I couldn’t help but giggle at the scene as it unfolded in front of me.  Sarah reminds me of how I will probably be when I become a mother.  After watching my sister very closely over the last year and a half, I know that this whole brand new baby thing is WAY harder than it looks in my photos.

Sarah and Brian, I am so thrilled for you!  Olivia is just perfect and I can’t wait to get to know her more and more over the next year and for years and years to come.  You are very special friends and thank you for your loyalty to me as clients as well.  It means the world to me to continue to be part of your lives.  MUWAH!

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