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Colorado Baby Photography: 9 month Zoe

Even though I am technically a wedding photography specialist, baby photography is something that has really grown on me over the last several years. It all started because my local couples starting having babies. (Crazy concept, isn’t it! ;-)) Vassi & Jake, who got married in 2006, are one such lovely couple that I also love to call my friends. And even before their wedding, I photographed Jake’s brother’s wedding in 2005 so I have been documenting the Bieber family for six years now. Watching one of my wedding couples grow into a family brings me a lot of joy, especially when I get to celebrate the process with them.

If anything, I’m sad that our time seems to be going so fast. Zoe only has one more session left for her “Babies First Year” Collection. I have now photographed her as a ‘pea in the pod’, as a newborn, at 3 months, 6 months, and now at 9 months! After the next session at 12 months, I will be creating a coffee table album of her “first year” of life. I’m sure we will still get together for more family photos, but I will miss seeing Jake, Vassi, Stella, Zoe, Martha and Jeff every three months!! Vassi, would you mind having another baby please so we can keep it up? 😉

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