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Colorado Wedding Photography at Spruce Mountain Ranch: Blizzardly Bliss

When I first met with Karter and Steve last fall, we talked about a beautiful spring day with an outdoor ceremony on the tennis courts and all the scenic places around Spruce Mountain Ranch in Larkspur CO for photo ops.  Of course, in March in Colorado there is a very real possibility that the weather will surprise you.  And as March 9th drew closer the weather forecast became more and more ominous.  I began preparing myself mentally for an entirely different scenario as the weatherman was calling for up to two feet of snow, icy roads, and full blown blizzard conditions.  I left about three hours early that morning to ensure I wouldn’t have any issues getting there, and in addition to my camera bags and lighting gear, I also packed my heavy winter coat, snow pants, a hat, gloves, and snow boots.  It was a good thing too, because Karter and Steve weren’t going to let a little (ok, a LOT) of snow upset their wedding day!  🙂 They were both in wonderful spirits and were even excited about going out in the blizzard to take their couples photos after the ceremony.  It was quite the adventure! Not only did we all get blasted by snow in the face (and the lens) taking photos outside, but the van we were driving around in got stuck in a huge snowdrift and had to be pushed out by a tractor.  Literally, a big green tractor!

I was lucky to have the amazingly talented Sarah Fischer by my side as my second shooter and we had a fantastic time together with Karter, Steve, and both of their loving and lovely families.  I believe that it speaks volumes about a couple and their families when, given the treacherous conditions we were dealing with and the location of the wedding, only two guests out of about 130 didn’t make it due to the weather.  I have always been a bit of a snow bunny myself, so I was thrilled that this sweet couple from California were up to facing the cold temperatures and blowing snow to take some of the most unique bride and groom portraits I have ever had the opportunity to take.  The day was filled with lots of laughter and happy tears of joy; beautiful decor; and some of the most heartfelt speeches by friends and family that I have ever heard.  And even though it was one of the more difficult scenarios that I have ever personally faced in my wedding photography career so far, I am thrilled with the images that Sarah and I were able to capture.  It just goes to show you that given the right attitude, nothing can dampen the excitement and joy of a wedding day.

Karter and Steve, thank you from the bottom of my heart for choosing me to spend your wedding day with you documenting all of the serious and silly moments.  I know that it will be a day you will all remember forever and I hope that these images bring you right back to that extraordinary day every time you look at them.  I had an absolutely amazing time with you and want you to know that I believe you both deserve all the best life has to offer!  Congratulations again and thank you for your fantastic attitudes and adventurous spirits.  These images will certainly stand out in my portfolio for years and years to come.

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