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Colorado Wedding Photography at the Four Seasons Denver: Stef and Tim

Stef and Tim certainly had a wedding to remember on this beautiful September day at the Four Seasons in downtown Denver.

As soon as I found Stef getting ready in her room with her mother and all of the gorgeous bridesmaids, I knew it was going to be a fantastic day for capturing some beautiful photographs. All the ladies were dressed in fun grey dresses, with matching black heels and a cute black belt. These were some lucky bridesmaids! Stef spoiled them with gifts, perfumes and a pair of sweet pink shades. What a great looking group of fun and beautiful ladies, I was psyched! Plus, I already knew that Stef and Tim were a totally photogenic couple from capturing their engagement photographs earlier in the summer in downtown Denver!

Soon enough it was time for Stef to put on her gorgeous white dress. She looked incredible in the twisted styled strapless dress that flowed to the floor. Once all the bridesmaids were done with their “ooo’s” and “aww’s” the time had come for Stefanie to see her (very) soon to be husband. If she was at all nervous walking down the flight of stairs to meet Tim, she certainly didn’t show it. Tim stood below, patiently waiting for his knock-out bride to tap his shoulder.

Huge smiles and kisses were exchanged as the couple privately greeted each other, seeing one-another for the first time on their wedding day. Tim presented his bride with an amazing diamond necklace! The beautiful final touch stayed on her for the rest of the day. Let me tell you, this was one handsome couple.

I was so excited when it was finally time to to take some amazing photographs of the entire wedding party at Invesco Field in Denver! As a former dancer for the Denver Nuggets and Bronco’s, we were able to visit Stef’s old stomping ground. This was my first time photographing or even stepping foot on the field, so I was excited to see what we could do with the amazing space. We had a blast running and jumping around the green grass, capturing some amazing & unique wedding photographs! After we left the field, the citizens of Denver had their eyes on Stef and Tim as we walked the streets of downtown Denver, capturing some fun and fantastic photographs! Stef, now a dance coach of a high school girls team, even got the chance to get some photographs with all of her team! You could easily tell how happy the girls were for their gorgeous coach! We decided to take some time with a very funky and cool yellow wall as the background for some fun photography.

The ceremony at the Four Seasons was beautifully decorated with pink rose petals lining the white silk carpet, an elegant white ribbon and soft subtle lighting. It was a very pretty space, filled with smiling faces and adorable flower girls with cute pink flower batons! Also, who could forget the handsome best man, Tim’s six-year-old son! After the lovely ceremony it was reception time, which also involved the colors of hot pink, light pink, gray, white and black. The room had gorgeous chandlers and candles, along with a very personal and romantic feel. Soon enough, hilarious speeches were made by close friends and family. Everyone was having a great time laughing at the toasts and clinking their glasses. Lots of photographs, eating, smiling and dancing (of course!) took up the rest of this magical evening! Thank you Stef and Tim for bringing me to Invesco field and allowing me to capture some super funĀ wedding photography!

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