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Dallas Destination Wedding Photography: Frances Photography

Dallas Destination Wedding: Kelsey and Brent are truly special people and are close friends with Frances Photography owner, Frances Marron.  Frances photographed Kelsey’s older sister, Natasha and her husband’s wedding in 2009, so it was only natural that Frances would also photograph Kelsey’s special day.  Frances loves working with close friends because it makes her wedding photography even more special, but the chance to work with another Biegert girl was a dream come true.  Why you ask?! The Biegert family is known for hosting incredibly special events filled with the most amazing details and traditions.   If you remember, Frances flew to Dallas for Kelsey’s bridal shower and photographed the bride-to-be.  If you haven’t yet, check out our blog featuring Kelsey’s bridal shower, here.

Kelsey’s wedding was in Dallas so Frances and her right-hand woman, Julia Timmer, hopped on a plane for a weekend filled with special gatherings and Kelsey and Brent’s Dallas wedding!

Weekend festivities for Kelsey and Brent’s Dallas destination wedding began with the rehearsal dinner at DEC on Dragon St., a private, chic, and luxurious venue that overlooks downtown Dallas.  Speeches were held, gifts were given to Kelsey and Brent’s bridal party, and wedding festivities commenced! The rehearsal dinner was followed by a welcome party held at Sammy’s BBQ where the bride and groom greeted and visited with out of town guests.  Johnny Beauford performed making it a wonderful night for all in attendance.  Here are some of our favorite photos of the rehearsal dinner and welcome party leading up to Kelsey and Brent’s Dallas destination wedding:



After the rehersal festivities, the time had come; it was time for Kelsey and Brent’s Dallas destination wedding! Kelsey and Brent had a gorgeous traditional ceremony at the First United Methodist Church in Dallas.  The Wildflower Floral Designs put together the most incredible, massive, and beautiful statement floral pieces that sat on each side of the altar.  It was the perfect addition to the church and was tastefully elegant.  Kelsey’s cathedral length veil was absolutely stunning following behind her as she walked down the aisle to marry Brent.


After the couples ceremony, Kelsey, Brent, and their guests headed over to the Ritz Carlton for their elegant hotel reception.  The Ritz Carlton was beautifully decorated with gold, white, and yellow décor.  The Wildflower Floral Designs outdid themselves with the immaculate centerpieces and accents throughout the reception room.   Kelsey and Brent’s elegant hotel reception was filled with sweet moments and guests genuinely were enjoying themselves and having so much fun.  Brent grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana, so incorporating some New Orleans traditions was important to the couple.    During the reception, everyone joined on the dance floor where they partook in a Second Line parade.  A Second Line parade is a tradition in bass band parades in New Orleans.  Kelsey and Brent, along with the brass band lead the parade, followed by their bridal party and wedding guests.  The electricity filled the room as guests paraded around celebrating the newlyweds as they embark on a new life together! It was one of the most special and fun receptions that we have ever been a part of!


Kelsey and Brent’s Dallas destination wedding will truly go down in the record books!  From the rehearsal dinner, welcome party, ceremony, to the elegant Ritz-Carlton reception, each part of Kelsey and Brent’s wedding weekend was fabulously special and unforgettable!

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