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Denver Photography with Jess and Ryan: Love the Dress

It’s not called, “The Big Day” for nothing- wedding day’s are incredibly special, historic, important and unfortunately…stressful. As we all know, things don’t always go perfectly. SO, when a friend from the Westin called me asking for some help, I was all ears.

Apparently, Jess & Ryan’s wedding photographer had forgotten to capture certain photographs on the their wedding day. This could of been a huge problem, considering the couples big day was already over, but I was happy to help in any way I could. So, we recreated their wedding day and had everyone dress up one more time. We captured the missing formal shots, and got some great images of the newlyweds, while capturing some amazing “love the dress” photos of Jess.

I hope this helped you with your situation Jess & Ryan! I had a great time in Denver, and if you ever need another favor, or more photography- you know who to call 🙂




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