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Denver Wedding Photography at the Brown Palace: Dominique and Matt

Immediately after I arrived at the bride’s suite at the Brown Palace I knew it was going to be an amazing day for some beautiful wedding photography! Dominique’s family and friends were busy exchanging gifts, prepping the flower girl’s purple dress, steaming the gorgeous wedding gown and adding the final touches of heirloom jewels and wonderful flowers! With a taste of deep purple bouquets and elegant ribbon, everything was looking gorgeous and picture perfect, including the brides makeup and beautifully crafted up-do.  Once the elegant dress was on the bride, and all tears were shed, Dominique’s mother only had to add the last and final touch – the bride’s chic purple heels.

One look at the bride and Dominique’s father was beaming. You could see just how happy and proud he was of his daughter right in that moment.

I have to say I’ve shot hundreds of Colorado weddings, but this was my first one filled with uniformed groomsmen and swords! The proud groom, Matt, is an honored military man, who was accompanied by his fellow friends from the military with their matching uniforms and shining swords! There was even a little gold sword hidden in the bride’s bouquet! As it happens, this was my very first military wedding, and it couldn’t of been more perfect, I was honored! Military weddings are a privilege of those in the armed forces or cadets. I’ll never forget the “arch of sabers” which the bride & groom walked through right after the ceremony. Also known as the “crossed sabers” it is a military wedding tradition for the newlyweds to walk through the arch of swords. The passage is a symbol ensuring the couple’s safe and blessed transition into their new life together.

After a joyful cocktail hour filled with laughter, hugs, cocktails and a beautiful piano player, the guests moved into the reception room where everyone was ready to celebrate and party! It wasn’t long before every guest was cheering loud in honor of the happy couple and doing a great job celebrating their amazing day. I don’t think anyone will forget the heartfelt toasts and speeches that touched the bride deeply, as well as the newlyweds families. A moment I know I will never forget was the not so typical father daughter dance! Wow did they know how to cut a rug, it must run in the family! The crowd went wild as Dominique’s father flipped the bride in the air and gently landed her on back on her feet accompanied by a fantastic smile! Like I said, this wedding was anything but typical! It was a day full of honor, celebration, smiles, tears and most of all; laughter and love.

This Denver wedding was incredibly unique and made my job as the wedding photographer delightful…and pretty easy 🙂 I want to thank the beautiful bride & handsome groom for sharing their elegant and perfect day with me, I salute them and wish the honorable newlyweds all the best in the world!

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