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Choosing an Engagement Session Location

Choosing an Engagement Session Location: Julie has been a huge part of the Frances Photography team, in more ways than one, for the last 7 years.  Julie spends a great deal of time perfecting photos taken by the Frances Photography team in her role as the studio production manager.  When Julie isn’t processing and beautifying images or designing albums for our clients, she’s out capturing beautiful moments of couples at engagement sessions and on their wedding day.  Julie is a rock star photographer, editor, and designer, and that’s why she’s been Frances’s right-hand-woman since she began working with Frances Photography in 2009.  Julie has a special talent of capturing precious moments that are unique to each of her couples.  This talent is evident in Julie’s engagement sessions where she portrays who two people are as a couple, through special location selection.

It is vital that when choosing an engagement session location, to choose a location that is unique and special to you as a couple.  I think most people would agree that it’s slightly awkward to have a camera pointed in your direction for a full hour.  However, the relaxed and genuine demeanor that Julie brings to her photo shoots, combined with a location that the couple feels comfortable at, results in photographs that our clients love and will treasure for a lifetime.  Check out a few of Julie’s recent engagement shoots and notice how the location and season reflects the personalities of each couple.  

Rachel & Eddie: Cheesman Park- Denver, CO

Rachel & Eddie love spending time in the city. The feel for their engagement session was relaxed, cozy, could show their love for each other, as well as their love for their puppy Stella!  Julie shot Rachel & Eddie’s engagement photos at  Cheesman Park where these two were able to cuddle up on a snowy, cold day with coffee in hand, a blanket to keep them warm, and sweet Stella to make them both smile and laugh!

AllisonScott 5

Brooke & Danny:  Mockery Brewing Company – Denver, CO

Brooke & Danny is one of Julie’s favorite engagement sessions, not only because of how beautiful the images turned out, but because it was comfortable and fun, and really captured the two as a couple.  We asked Brooke & Danny if they had a day off to spend together, what they would do. They excitedly told us they would be found doing something outdoorsy followed by a beer at a craft brewery.  Being that Brooke & Danny reconnected several years after high school, in downtown Denver, it was only natural to have their engagement session in Denver, at one of their favorite breweries.  What we love about this engagement shoot is that it captures a typical day in the life of the couple.  It shows their real smiles, deep connection and love for each other, and sense of humor. 

AllisonScott 2

Jessica & Trever: University of Denver – Denver, CO

Jessica & Trever did their engagement session at the University of Denver.  These two have a special relationship as they basically grew up together.  They actually went to elementary school together but didn’t become friends until middle school.  They were introduced by mutual friends and formed a friendship and after a few years of being good friends, they started dating in high school.  Before popping the questions, Jessica & Trever had been dating 9 ½ years and had gone through most of their major life events together, as a couple … including college! Both Jessica & Trever attended the University of Denver, so it made complete sense that their engagement session would be held at the DU campus where so many memories were made, and so much growth individually and as a couple, took place, leading up to their marriage.

AllisonScott 3

Allison & Scott: Standley Lake – Westminster, CO

Julie took Allison & Scott’s engagement session at Standley Lake in Westminster, CO.  This location was the perfect spot for the couple as it captured many of the things they love.  Scott & Allison have each lived in different states (Scott even lived in Germany), but home has always been in Colorado.  The Colorado mountains speak to them in volume, the sunshine is one of their favorite things about the state, the gorgeous terrain, the big blue sky, having their family live in Colorado, all contribute to making it home.  The luscious backdrop of the Rocky Mountains made Standley Lake an obvious choice for Allison & Scott’s engagement session.  The vibrant, yellow flowers offered at Standley Lake were just foreshadow of what Allison was seeking for her big day; rich, elegance, with unique flowers.  Allison & Scott’s engagement session was the perfect combination of beauty, intimacy, color, and a true representation of things they love.         

AllisonScott 1

Lindsay & Doug: Chautauqua – Boulder, CO

Lindsay & Doug live in gorgeous Boulder, CO and actually got engaged in Boulder on a hot summer night at the Boulder Reservoir.  Being that they have one of the most beautiful places right out their backyard, Chautauqua was a special and beautiful setting for Lindsay & Doug’s engagement pictures.  They then incorporated their favorite beers in their engagement shoot, none other than a Coors Light for Doug and a Stella for Lindsay! As the couple loves being outdoors as much as possible, an outdoor Colorado engagement session was the ideal setting for Lindsay & Doug’s engagement pictures.  The sunset silhouette pictures that Julie captured that evening are some of Frances Photography’s all time favorite engagement photographs!

AllisonScott 4

When choosing an engagement session location, it’s important to choose a place that’s special to you as a couple and makes you comfortable so that your photos reflect a relaxed and natural feel.  Think back to your first date, place your got engaged, one of your favorite places to spend the day together, and you’ll be sure to find a location that is perfect for you.





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