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Fashion Photographer Denver: Reign Magazine Summer 2016

Fashion Photographer Denver: Reign Magazine Summer 2016:  In the midst of wedding season, Frances Photography took a quick break from our brides and grooms and took some time photographing a “poolside glamour” fashion photo shoot for Reign Magazine.  Frances Marron has been working with Reign magazine since their second issue, photographing the most creative, glamorous, and fun fashion photo shoots to star on the cover and spreads of Reign.  Frances loves collaborating with Betsy Marr, Editor of Reign Magazine because she goes all out with her fashion photo shoots, complete with the most incredible props and decor and the most glamorous clothing and accessories.  Betsy creates the concept and coordinates everything from top to bottom, and Frances captures the story.  Here are a few of our favorite photos from the fashion photo shoot for Reign Magazine Summer 2016 issue:


The fashion photo shoot was held at an immaculate private residence in Cherry Hills in Denver, CO.  The theme of the fashion photo shoot was Poolside Glamour which offered a vintage throw back with pink flamingos, beach balls, a floating pineapple in the pool, bright patterned swimming trunks, large sunglasses, a game of croquet, and the most magical jewelry.  Cue Brian Hyland’s Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini … now!  Our model couples were flirtations, gorgeous, and undeniably sweet.  As Frances is typically a photographer of people (weddings & engagements, families, babies, boudoir, etc.) fashion photo shoots are a nice change of pace that she enjoys.  There are so many things to be considered in the shot both in the background and foreground. The focal point isn’t just on the models, but the entire frame as well.  There are so many props and decor featured in fashion photo shoots that definitely need to be captured. Posing for the couples is widely different in fashion photo shoots than wedding or engagement sessions, and the lighting situation can sometimes be a challenge.  The Colorado sunshine at 12PM, during the middle of June, can be a bit difficult to work with, but Frances has seemed to master even the most difficult lighting situations.


One of the biggest concepts for this fashion photo shoot, that Betsy Marr wanted to capture was the decadent menu of delicious food and colorful cocktails.  For the Reign Magazine Summer 2016 issues, Frances brought along one of her awesome associates, Jennifer Winder, who captured the oh so scrumptious food that was featured in the shoot. It must have been pure torture for Jenn to smell the decadent creations of Chef Linda Hampsten Fox, while she was photographing the good eats! We did get to sample the BBQ shrimp skewers and they were to die for!

Reign Summer 2016 Bloge 1The fashion photo shoot was a full day, complete with a pool party fun and ended with a small poolside dinner party and ended until just before the sun went down.  It truly was a spectacular day of collaboration.  Check out the full issue of Reign Magazine Summer 2016 for food and cocktail recipes, fashion trends, and entertaining tips featured in the shoot here.   


Concept & Styling: Betsy Marr

Photographer: Frances Marron, Frances Photography

Culinary Creative Director: Chef Linda Hampsten Fox

Hairstylist: Laura Taylor, Grand Salon

Makeup: Amanda Hume & Kristen Gonzales, Vert Beauty

John Romano, Master Viennoiserie and Artisan Baker

Jennifer Winder, Frances Photography, Food Photographer

Zoe Perlmutter, Fashion Assistant

Samantha Robinson and Erica McNeish, Props and Decor

Jaala Sheldon, Jaala’s Party Pantry

Kam Snyder, Flower Power

Abby Miller, Denver Darling

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