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Indian Inspired Wedding at the Viceroy, Snowmass Village

Although I have spent plenty of time in the Snowmass Village during the winter months when everything is covered in a blanket of snow, this was my first trip for a wedding during the summertime.  Instead of snow, we had rain!  I am used to weather on the July 6/7th weekend no matter where I go.  Seriously, brides, you might consider it.  It has rained on me nearly ever year on this weekend for the last 10 years, starting with my own wedding day! HA! What’s a girl to do???   REGARDLESS, rain or shine, this wedding needed no help from the sun to dazzle and sparkle with color and love!

Every time I have an opportunity to photograph a wedding that is heavily influenced by either the bride or groom’s family being of any ethnicity other than American, I am filled with appreciation of such wonderful traditions!  I love to see (and capture) such raw expressions of celebration, including special ceremonies of all different kinds and always always always, lots of dancing!  That’s probably the biggest difference between American culture and almost every other culture around the world as far as what I notice at a wedding celebration.  Not to say American’s don’t know how to get-down.  On the contrary…  but dancing is not culturally as bonding of an activity as it is for so many other cultures.  When the Indian music came on at the reception, EVERYONE hit the dance floor.  Old, young, male, female.  Everyone danced.  It’s just awesome sight to witness everyone’s arms in the air and all the beautiful sari’s whirling around the dance floor.

From the swooping pink and orange clothes above the ceremony site leading up to a gorgeous hoopa; to the intricately laid flower petals lining the aisle; to the fantastically designed reception room exploding with color and light; to the chairs at the sweetheart table fit for a king and a queen, Amanda and Suchit’s wedding day is one for the record books.  Both of their darling families couldn’t have been more gracious as hosts!  And as if that wasn’t enough, I spent the day with some of my wedding industry favorites!  Julia Timmer, studio manager, editing queen of Frances Photography, and photographer extraordinaire was by my side shooting her heart out all day.  Cindy and Alex and their team from The Perfect Petal blew everyone away with their floral and decor design.  Rodd from LMD Productions created the mood with their amazing lighting and henna-shaped patterns projected onto the ceiling.  Heather and Taryn at Table 6 Productions coordinated all of the moving parts and pieces seemingly flawlessly.  And last but certainly not least, the staff at the Viceroy were wonderfully helpful and friendly and just a pleasure to work with.  It was truly an A-team effort by all.  Amanda and Suchit, Congratulations again!  May your lives together bring you all the happiness you both deserve!  Thank you again for the honor of being your photographers.

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