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Kylie & Casey: CU Engagement Photos

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CU engagement photos: I’m sitting next to Julie at the studio and while she works on the wedding photos for Kylie and Casey’s wedding a few weeks ago, I am racing to get their engagement photos that we took this spring posted. Looking back at my favorite images I am reminded how beautiful Colorado is, in every season.  Spring is magical with the life coming up everywehere and the Mmmmmm. Can we pause for a second just to appreciate how ridiculously adorable these two are together?  One more.

Ok, great, now onto how these lil’ lovebirds met. Their mothers were actually friends first! Cindy and Jean had been telling them separately that they should meet the other one’s son/daughter and they ended up cornering Casey at a charity event and telling him he should take Kylie to dinner. She was absolutely mortified when her mom told her she had suggested this to Casey, but when they became friends on Facebook the next day and had a date the following evening she wasn’t complaining! They hit it off from the beginning and have been together since!

When I asked Kylie what she loves about Casey she said something that I thought was really profound and incredibly telling about who they are as a couple.  She said “He truly brings out the best in me and makes me want to be the best person I can be.” He is motivated, ambitious, also extremely supportive of my dreams and aspirations and is committed to helping me achieve them.”  Wow!  Right?  How much do we love Casey!  A LOT!

I asked Casey to name a few things he loved about her too.  He named 10, including her heart, her smile, her laugh, her touch, her smell, her kiss, her family values, her work ethic, her responsibility, & her humor.  Clearly Kylie is equally as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.  I’m sure he could have gone on for several paragraphs.

Recently I read an article that said the two most important things for a marriage to be successful are generosity and kindness.  I personally believe that is accurate. From relationships that I have known to be unsuccessful, one or both of those things were seriously lacking.  And in the ones that work, generosity and kindness are spotlighted time and time again in either one or both partners, consistently.  After only an hour with Kylie and Casey taking these engagement photos, my take away was that they have both generosity and kindness in spades.

Their engagement session date just so happened to perfectly coincide with the peak of the cherry tree blossoms that adore photographing.  A beautiful spring day + pink blossoms everywhere + a gorgeous young, bright-eyed and hopelessly-in-love couple taking engagement photos at my beloved Alma-matra, CU?  YES please and thank you!

Kylie and Casey,  #YouHadMeAtMcBride 🙂 Wedding photos coming soon…


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