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Littleton Engagement Photography: Brooke & Kyle

Littleton Engagement Photography:  Brooke and Kyle are two of the sweetest people I have ever met, and it was perfectly fitting that we start their engagement photo session at a little candy shoppe in downtown Littleton!  Besides that, Brooke makes cupcakes as a side business/hobby and has the frosting dipped slip-on flats to prove it.  🙂  Actually, both Brooke and Kyle work in the oil and gas industry and what’s more, they grew up only a few blocks from each other!  They officially met in high school because Brooke’s boyfriend at the time and Kyle’s girlfriend at the time had yearbook class together. Brooke and Kyle would talk to each other while waiting for them at the end of the school day.  (How cute is that?!)

Kyle proposed to Brooke in Winter Park after their second annual trip to the alpine slide and walking around town eating ice-cream.  Apparently Kyle had the genius idea to capture the proposal with a self-timer camera at the exact spot that they had taken photos of themselves the year before.  In Brooke’s words: ” We set up the camera and while we were taking the picture Kyle “attempted” to capture the moment on film. It was the perfect setting because it was quiet and no one was around, so it was just us. Unfortunately I was more concerned with telling him to stop talking while we were posing for the picture. It took  3 attempts of me resetting the timer and him trying to ask me to marry him for me to realize what was happening! We didn’t end up getting the actual proposal on film, but we do have 3 pictures showing him starting to ask and getting down on one knee and me looking very confused! It was very sweet and also makes for a funny story.”

Their wedding will consist of a ceremony at St. Francis Cabrini, and a whimsical yet classy Kate-Spade inspired garden party reception at the Columbine Country Club.  Kyle is an avid golfer and they thought having a reception there with a big table of LOTS of desserts would be the perfect setting.  They both love sweets and their favorite restaurant is the D bar in Denver.  How fitting!

Brooke and Kyle both love living in Colorado, and while Brooke wants to visit Australia and New Zealand and Kyle drams of going on an African safari, both say that they plan on staying in Colorado where the weather is the BEST.  (I couldn’t agree more!) And, I can’t wait for this sure to be darling wedding day next summer!

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