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Manor House Elegant, Chic, and Rustic Wedding: Eddie & Rachel

Manor House Wedding: Eddie and Rachel are the perfect couple.  They are so in love, it’s palpable.  You can see it in their smiles and can feel it from a mile away.  And more than that, they are absolute best friends.  They are silly together and love to laugh.  Their family and friends call them the “fun” couple.  Their wedding day captured just that…  Two people, head over heels in love with each other, genuine happiness and laughter, between the best of friends.   There’s actually a third member of this wolf pack, and that is Eddie and Rachel’s puppy Stella!  If you remember from Eddie and Rachel’s engagement photos, Stella stole the show. This continued at Eddie and Rachel’s wedding too.

Eddie and Rachel got married at the Manor House in Littleton, CO on August 6, 2016. Their wedding displayed an elegant, chic, and rustic feel, with a lot of pale colors, lace and beading, and pops of gold.  We especially loved the old rustic pick-up truck that made a debut in Eddie and Rachel’s bride and groom portraits.  Their wedding was creatively and beautifully captured by the extraordinary Frances Photography Associate, Julia Timmer. See some of our favorite photos below:

The décor at Eddie and Rachel’s wedding was obviously beautiful, but had a personal touch, as well.  They had a rustic sign pointing the directions of where the bride and groom were born and grew up, and where they started their life as husband and wife.  They had framed photographs displayed on top of the Manor Houses chic teal dresser of their childhood, relationship, and influential people in their lives.  They also had photographs hanging from a tree of those special individuals who couldn’t be there with them on their wedding day.  Every detail was meticulously planned with the greatest thought.

Eddie and Rachel’s Manor House Elegant, Chic, and Rustic Wedding was one of the more emotional wedding ceremonies Frances Photography has ever seen.  There were so many happy tears from the bride, groom, and guests.  Rachel’s Dad had the honor of walking Rachel down the aisle and then got to officiate the ceremony of his baby girl and her future husband.  It was so touching and so special.  It’s not uncommon for FP photographers to get caught shedding a tear or two the day of the wedding, but we continued to tear up while processing Rachel and Eddie’s wedding photos! After Rachel and Eddie said, “I Do”, Stella joined the newlyweds and walked down the aisle with them, as a family of three.  The evening continued to be filled with love and laughter, and included glow sticks, and a grand exit in a Rolls Royce.

Eddie and Rachel’s Manor House Elegant, Chic, and Rustic Wedding was a stunner and not only will be a wedding we remember for years to come, but a special couple that we’ll always treasure.



Venue: The Manor House

Caterer: The Manor House

Cake Artist: Das Meyer Bakery

Florist: Plum Sage Flowers

Hair/Make-up: Clementine’s Salon

Music: A Lyric Ensemble; Elite DJ

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