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Two Little Love Birds: Boulder Engagement Photography

I am SO excited about Brittany and Joey’s July wedding this summer!  It’s going to be at the Manor House with about 200 guests and 1000 paper cranes.  Brittany told me that in Japan, 1000 paper cranes symbolizes 1000 years of a loving happy marriage.  Since their engagement, Brittany has been hand-making 1000 origami birds will hang from the trees and center pieces to set the tone for the rest of their happy life together.  I absolutely love the message and the idea that the paper cranes represent.  I can’t wait to photograph these special love birds (all 1002 of them ;-)) on what is sure to be an amazing wedding day!

For the engagement session we decided to meet in Boulder on the Pearl Street mall and then wander down near the Ebin G park, where Joey proposed to Brittany, and also where they first met, tubing down the Boulder Creek.  Part of what is fun about my job is being creative on the fly.  I never really know what exactly to expect regardless if I have met the couple, or been to the location before.  Nothing is ever the same in terms of the people, the light, the time of day, or even the other people around.  Shooting on Pearl Street is interesting mainly because it is such a busy, happening spot in Boulder, no matter what time of day, but especially on a beautiful afternoon.  It’s difficult keeping other random people out of the background, which is generally my goal when photographing an engagement session- unless of course, I am going for a busy “urban” image with a lot going on in the image.  Otherwise, I tend to focus on the couple alone, and their energy together.

I admit, I enjoy the challenge of finding good locations with nice light by just walking around and using all of my senses.  I know it makes a lot of photographers nervous not to have a “plan,” but I guess my personality thrives on the rush I get from not knowing what I am going to do. I think it give me more creative freedom because I don’t necessarily have any major expectations about what is going to happen.  Except, of course, that I am going to take great photos.  That is always my expectation of myself.  With Brittany and Joey, I photographed them in lots of new spots that I hadn’t used before, and I have been to the Pearl St. Mall in Boulder a countless number of times.  We had such an easy time together and I think the photos turned out beautifully!  Of course it helps to have such stunning models to work with, but just working with what “is, in the ” now,”  including the environment, the light, the energy of the couple, everything really, is a very artistically rewarding experience for me.  I also love shooting in the late afternoon when the sun is at an extreme angle.  It makes working with flare and creating dreamy, romantic images, much easier to accomplish.  Brittany and Joey, thank you for being so wonderful to work with and for.  Your wedding day is right around the corner and I can’t wait.

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