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Viceroy Snowmass Wedding Photography: Alex and Louis

Snowmass Wedding Photography:  Alex and Louis Ortiz, March 29th, 2015 

Boy oh boy, have I been dying to feature this wedding!  Over a year and a half in the making, this spring wedding at the fabulous Viceroy Resort in Snowmass, CO was one that I will never forget.  It was a fast-paced weekend starting with the casual rehearsal BBQ around the pool, to a first look with the bride stepping off the gondola, to a double ceremony (Persian/traditional) on the top of the mountain, to an epic party back in the ballroom of the Viceroy.  I absolutely loved this couple, their families, the ridiculously talented vendor line-up, the music, the food, the location, the energy…literally everything about this wedding was to die for.

It was not an easy weekend by any stretch of the imagination.  However, anyone who knows me knows that I thrive on challenges and new situations/opportunities. This wedding provided me with that, hand over fist. This was a full two day event for me, which I love because it gives me an opportunity to meet the family and close friends ahead of the wedding day and to get a grasp on who’s who.  The wedding day itself was amazing and with a lot of moving pieces and parts. Nearly 300 guests had to get from the base of Snowmass mountain up the gondola to Elk Camp where the ceremony was.  It was a  gorgeous blue-bird day without a cloud in the sky (literally), and although it was warm and beautiful, this also presented some major challenges with lighting.  The ceremony was not only back-lit, but also in front of a mountain of glaring white snow.  It doesn’t often happen that I get intimidated by a location, but as soon as I saw exactly what I was dealing with, my formal photography education came rushing in to the rescue.  (Thank God!) I am so proud of the images I was able to capture in one of the most difficult outdoor scenarios I have ever encountered on a wedding day.  Bright light + bright snow+ a white dress and a black tuxedo can without question be a recipe for a disaster! But Julia, my rock star associate and second shooter, and I nailed it.

This was the first wedding executed in Colorado by the incredible wedding coordinator and designer, Jolene Peterson, the owner of Laurel and Rose, and she and her team were nothing short of miracle makers.  Really.  And, Cindy Ollig from the Perfect Petal did a beyond incredible job with the decor for both the ceremony and the ballroom.  It was ridiculous.  The team, the talent, the uniqueness, the love, the energy…  I truly cannot say enough.

Choosing which images to feature was SO hard!  In the end, I decided to pick the ones that were personal favorites and also ones that tell the story of this wedding weekend from the sweet moments, the opulent details, the gorgeous people, the amazing energy and the truck loads of LOVE seeping out of every corner.

Thank you SO much to all of the incredible vendors that made this wedding weekend come to life.  A massive thank you also to Susy Shams, the mother of the bride, without whom this weekend would not have been even remotely possible.  She was truly and unquestionably the mastermind behind the entire event.

Alex and Louis, you are an a perfect match.  I love the way you love each other! I love your spirits, your joy, your enthusiasm, your trust, your commitment… I wish you all the best for the rest of your lives! Call me when you have babies!

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