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Wedding at the Ritz-Carlton Bachelor Gulch: Julie & Michael

Do you believe in soul-mates?  I do.  I do because I’ve met them!  I’ve met them, known them, loved them, & lost them…  But maybe that last part isn’t so true.  Perhaps you never really “lose” a soul-mate.  I’d almost be willing to put money on that last part after meeting Julie & Michael and then photographing their amazing wedding at the Ritz-Carlton Bachelor Gulch on July 14, 2012.  Their love-story inspires me personally, and I’m guessing pretty much anyone who has loved and lost will appreciate it too.  Julie and Michael met 7 years ago working as lifeguards.  They dated for a while but wound up breaking up and going their separate ways.  Unbeknownst to the other, each of them met someone else that they married and later divorced. Six years later they reconnected over an email.  Once they re-met, the rest is history…

The first time I met with them sitting in my studio I could just feel the love vibrations all over them!  The way they sat together super close on the couch opposite me; the way Michael had his arm or hand either on or around Julie; the way they both looked at each other with big wide grins; the way their eyes sparkled when they told me how their wedding plans came about… Everything about them was warm and beautiful.  And that is exactly how their wedding day was too.  With only 30 of their closest friends and family, Julie and Micheal’s wedding was small and intimate, warm, and perfect.

I often find myself photographing weddings that are MAJOR productions.  By that I just mean, more often than not at the weddings I am hired for, there are lots and lots of moving parts and pieces.  From large guest counts, to large complicated family structures, to lots of other vendors & tight time-lines, there is generally a LOT going on for me on a normal wedding day.  When this is the case, the way I do what I do best, is to stay “outside” of it all, almost like a voyeur, looking in on the celebration.  Something felt different at this wedding.  Maybe it’s because there were a lot less other things to distract me from the bride and groom.  Somehow I felt like I was on the inside with them, capturing it all from a closer point of view.  It felt so good.

Thank you to the fabulous Ritz-Carlton staff, to my fab second shooter, Rich Vossler, and last but not least, to Julie and Michael for choosing me and including me in such an amazing celebration and expression of true love.  I will never forget it…or you!

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