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Wedding Photography at Saint Paul Church: Katherine & Kevin

I am very excited to share Katherine & Kevin’s fun and beautiful wedding photographs with you and the rest of the world! This amazing couple decided to have their ceremony in the quaint and gorgeous Saint Paul Church, located in Colorado Springs. As a Denver wedding photographer, it was my very first time at this lovely chapel.  I tried to capture all the unique and beautiful details of the church, including the soft colors of the stained glass, the rustic wooden pews, the gold candle pieces, the smooth cream arches and ceilings, as well as the soft lighting that illuminated this whimsical chapel. This Colorado wedding venue created a very personal, unique and truly intimate ceremony.

The smiles of Katherine’s sisters were truly magical as the breathtaking bride walked up the red carpeted aisle. You could see how proud and happy they were of their gorgeous sister. Katherine and Kevin’s love for one another was incredibly apparent – easily spotted from just a couple of their wedding photographs! After Katherine & Kevin finally swapped “I dos” it was all smiles from then on out! This bride and groom didn’t make it difficult for me to snap some amazing wedding photographs of their radiant smiles and care free laughs. However, the happy couple weren’t the only ones who were incredibly photogenic! All friends & family at the wedding were clearly delighted and ready to celebrate! Every guest seemed so thrilled for the bride and groom, simply happy to know them and joyful that these two love birds found each other.

After being escorted by a classic white Royals Royce, the couple made their first entrance at their wedding reception located at the lovely Cheyenne Mountain Country Club, where glasses of champagne topped with a delicious raspberry were served for cocktail hour. I must say, as a wedding photographer I’ve seen and heard my fair share of wedding toasts, but the family & friends of Katherine & Kevin really have a knack for public speaking! Every toast was filled with love, nostalgia, and above all, humor. The words from Katherine’s siblings & Kevin’s family were truly touching, comical and welcoming. I’ve always enjoyed the special combination of tears and laughter, especially on such an important day. In fact, some of my favorite photographs from this special wedding day were from the reactions of the happy couple after hearing these touching toasts! You guys really know how to start a great party!

This Colorado Springs wedding was certainly an event that perfectly matched the couple at hand! Not only was the wedding intimate, quaint, beautiful and emotional, but it was also light, fun and incredibly celebratory! From the raspberry pink and light yellow colors of the wedding party, to the beautifully crafted wooden fans, this wedding was picture perfect and represented the couple to the tee. The entire day was packed with smiles and laughter, scrapbooks filled with photographs recording every year of Katherine & Kevin’s relationship and a talented classical piano player. The way these two looked at each other throughout the night truly tugged at my heart! I wish Katherine & Kevin all the best in the world! They don’t need luck, just each other! It’s couples like this that make Colorado wedding photography such a beautiful and unique experience.

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  1. Thank you for your beautiful photos and your thoughtful comments! I agree with your words…it was a magical and joyful wedding!


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