Beautiful stare down Denver boudoir pictures
Frances Photography

Beautiful stare down Denver boudoir pictures

I look into the future, a place of wishes and dreams. I glance back at my past, a place of memories and regrets, and discard it. What I see, who I see, is a changeable as the wind, as dynamic as the ever-shifting tides. The image you capture through your lens is more than a photo. It is a picture of the woman I am today. Now. In the present moment. Not a reflection. Stripped of constraint, obligation, I cast away the anchor that has weighed me to the ocean floor. I need no masks, no costumes. I sit in the velvet-edged haven of your boudoir, at once present before your lens, but soaring across the Denver mountains like a majestic eagle surveying her domain. I flap my wings proudly, drift on the air currents. Travel where they take me. Free, I cry out and hear it echo among the canyons. It is impossible to describe my sense of liberation, impossible to imagine I could have discovered it within the walls of a room. In its soft, pale contours, its whispered silence, I reflect and absorb the peaceful energy. Capture me in a photograph while you can, before I slip away…

Location: Denver, Colorado.

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