Pool hall boudoir shoot lady player
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Pool hall boudoir shoot lady player

It has been a long drive. The highway has become a monotonous ribbon, the sun low on the horizon. Your throat is dry and dusty, and you want only to rest and slake your thirst. The roadhouse lures the indoor Denver boudoir photographer like a welcome oasis in the desert. An image of yesteryear, it is a time machine welcoming you into a cool red-toned enclave. A tribute to venerable past icons grace walls that have witnessed the passage of generations. You sit and sip a cool drink. And then you see her poised over the pool table, a seductive black widow spider, site set on shooting the 8-ball in the hole. Your lens points toward her. You capture the intensity of her gaze, the geometric sharpness of her aim. Sculpted muscles taut and ready. But be careful. Very careful. Don’t get too close or she might bite. Her cue is not the only weapon. Her fangs are sharp and can sink deeply into your flesh. And while you feel the sting of her venom, she pulls you into her deadly embrace and weaves her gauzy web around you. Don’t resist, she whispers into your ear, let me take you to places you could never imagine…

Location: Denver, Colorado.

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