Sexy boudoir photo shoot Denver photographers
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Sexy boudoir photo shoot Denver photographers

I sense you behind me, watching from the shadows, your eyes as bold as a lover’s caress. I feel your hunger, the heat from your body emanating like solar flares that cross the vastness of space to embrace me. For the Colorado indoor boudoir photographer, every image is a sensual touch, an intimate kiss. You gaze at my reflection, the coolness of the mirror pressing against my fevered flesh. Where does your camera lens journey across the unexplored country of my body? Are you a pioneer crossing an unexplored frontier? Do the curves of my taut thighs intrigue you? Are you tempted to surf the undulating waves of my hips? But wait… I sense your movement. Your steps are silent, but you are so much closer now. I hear the cadence of your breath. Are those your fingers teasing my hair, or perhaps an errant breeze? I catch a glimpse of you, a shadow flitting across the mirror. I snap a mental picture of your eyes glinting like a cat’s in a darkened alley. You are the hunter. I am the hunted. Or are you my prey? Come closer. I am waiting. Unsheathe your claws… and I will unsheathe mine.

Location: Denver, Colorado.

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