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Denver Wedding Photographer at Byron White Court House

During weddings, some of the most lovely scenes that Denver photographers feast on are little kids walking aimlessly and running playfully, without any idea of how serious a wedding ceremony is.

What’s funny about couples is that they still choose to give major roles to these little kids even when they know they are taking a huge risk that these little ones will cry, run, or get too nervous that they wouldn’t do what they are supposed to do. Nevertheless, no matter what these kids choose to do on a wedding and whether they play their role or not, they will still be forgiven. In fact, they will still look lovely in the eyes of everyone.

The image of this little girl right here is one such illustration of a very young guest in a wedding who does what she is not supposed to do yet still look awesome, adorable, and amazing. You can only imagine how the photographer smiled or even laughed while capturing this funny image. This little girl in pink fell asleep on the back of the church while the ceremony is ongoing.

Can you blame her? She does not understand anything about the wedding. All she knew is that this was a quiet and cold place where she can rest after running around all day.

This photograph was only a small part of the bigger story of the day, the wedding, and the couple ... Danna Luo & Ben Kinning's beautiful Denver wedding at the Ritz Carlton on July 30th, 2011, it was an impeccable summer day for some ideal wedding photography!

Ivory & gold, fuchsia and various shades of pink were the beautifully selected colors that surrounded this elegant wedding. Gorgeous white, bright and soft pink roses created sublime bouquets of the graceful wedding party.  The glamorous bride was well equipped with a long gorgeous veil, a beautiful Tiffany bracelet (which was also her something blue!) Danna had gorgeous yet simple pearls, a delicate and tasteful tiara, and last but certainly not least-who could forget those amazing gold shoes? Talk about sparkle, those shoes were to die for! Danna rocked her gold heels and looked outstanding in her long flowing dress and beautiful matching accessories.

If you know me, you know how much I love kids (especially when their all dressed up as mini adults!) So of course I was thrilled with the ever so handsome ring bearer Aidan, who looked dashing in his suite, tie and boutonniere. Aidan did have some cute competition with the outstanding and beautiful flower girls who looked just amazing in their pink dresses with matching flower headbands. I loved their puffball pink flower bouquets that hung from white ribbon. With the girls final touch of gold sparkly slippers, matching perfectly with the bride's heels, their outfits were complete from head to toe!

After a simple Lutheran ceremony, filled with a sleepy ring bearer and a beautiful flutist, it was time for some signature cocktails and delicious appetizers. The bride had mentioned to me that her main focus of her special day was food, family & fun - well that's exactly what everyone did! All the guests were having a blast enjoying the variety of food, catching up with family, enjoying their peach colored cocktails and chasing around some of the kids of course. After cocktail hour, guests made way into the beautiful reception room, which was filled with lovely golden candles, pink roses, glamorous crystals and phenomenal lights. Delightful chocolate and red velvet treats were inside adorable little boxes for every guests place setting. The newlyweds cake matched the gold and elegant theme of the day, as well as the cake knives beautifully crafted with colorful shining stones. Heart felt and hilarious toasts were made, big hugs were shared and happy tears were shed by all. With all the smiling faces, positive energy, beautiful lights and soft colors, this Denver wedding was picture perfect in it's simplicity and tasteful elegance.

What a classy and polished Colorado wedding, filled with amazing guests and loved ones from all walks of life, and from all over the world! Thank you Danna and Ben for making me a part of this memorable and personal day!

Location: 1823 Stout St Denver, Colorado.

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