Silverthorne Lake couple Colorado engagement pictures
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Silverthorne Lake couple Colorado engagement pictures

A creative and attention-grabbing image of the couple was captured by one of the best Colorado engagement photographers while the future bride and groom are having a great time swimming.

As can be seen in the photo, these two individuals in love kiss each other while swimming at Green Mountain Reservoir outside of Silverthorne. They kissed like there was no one looking at them. Imagine how it feels floating freely in the middle of the lake with the one you love, away from the busy city life and from the noise of the world. All you can see is your love and the beautiful work of nature around you. Perfect scene, right?

You cannot also help but notice the artistry of the engagement photographer behind this image, based on the composition of the photo itself. The only elements in this photograph are the couple and the vast body of water surrounding them. This is a proof that in photography, you don't really need too many elements, but an artistic eye that is able to see what looks great in photos. In fact, this photo commands attention with just one glance. Although black and white, you’ll know that these two are happy with each other and truly in the moment.

Location: Silverthorne, Colorado.

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