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Denver fashion photographer Gary Magness residence

Indoor Wedding Photos in Denver, Colorado

As a wedding photographer, bridal portraits are always one of my favorite projects. There is nothing like making a happy bride feel like a real-life princess, or in the case of this Denver bride, a classic Hollywood starlet. Posed on a dramatic staircase, the timeless beauty of this bride is nothing short of captivating.

One thing I love about indoor wedding photos is that they really allow the bride and groom to shine. Their personalities take center stage and it’s such a treat to get to know the couples. While some kick off their shoes and laugh until their cheeks hurt, others are natural stars ready to bask in the limelight. This stunning bride was certainly one of the latter. With her wedding dress trailing behind her on the stairway, she looked like a vintage film queen taking a moment to pause in front of her adoring fans. In a classic art decor inspired stairwell, this effortlessly chic bride in her mermaid cut wedding dress looked right at home.

Denver wedding venues are always a delight because we’re simply spoiled for choice. Whether it’s an elegant bride and groom looking for a well-appointed space or an outdoorsy pair wanting to tie the knot under a spruce tree, the only limit is a couple’s imagination.

In the 15+years that I’ve been a Denver wedding photographer, I have found the perfect backdrop almost finds itself when you get to know the couple. When you have the perfect couple in just the right space that is when the amazing wedding photos come with ease.

Location: Denver, Colorado.

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