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Alone in the Colorado wilderness, a man stares at piles of wood, calculating how much he would need to keep a fire going for the night. He is sitting on one of two orange chairs, dressed appropriately for the cold yet sunny weather in a waterproof coat with a faux fur-lined hood, a red flannel shirt, khaki pants, and his favorite pair of boots. He is entirely alone, but surrounded by fresh mountain air and untouched nature all around him, he feels fully at peace. After hiking for about half a day, he has decided to set camp in this area for now and just relax and enjoy his well-deserved drink. He looks like he is contemplating something important; perhaps he decided to get away from the hustle and bustle of Denver just to escape reality for a while. The area is in a remote location without cell phone service, which he appreciated earlier but is now something he is not trying to think about. The man’s clothing is of the same color palette as his surroundings; all earthy shades of greens and browns, as if he is trying to blend in with nature.

Keywords: Fall (15), Fashion Shoot (27), Frances Photography (90), Magness Ranch (15), Pine CO (15), Sir & Sport (15). 1/1000; f/5.0; ISO 800; 88.0 mm.

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