Photography from Aspen Colorado Mountain Wedding
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Photography from Aspen Colorado Mountain Wedding

Mountain Wedding in Aspen, Colorado

As a wedding photographer living in Colorado, there is nothing that I love more than outdoor photo shoots. We are extraordinarily lucky to be living in one of the most gorgeous places on the planet so why not flaunt it?

Looking at these pictures, it’s easy to see why so many brides and grooms want to let the majestic mountain landscape shine through in their shots. The Rocky Mountains are simply a dream background for a photo shoot. Whether you’re a pair coming from out of state for a destination wedding or a native Colorado couple, the breathtaking vista will grab your heart and never let go.

On a private ranch in Aspen, the gorgeous couple and I found the setting for some of the most impressive outdoor wedding photography I’ve ever had the privilege to shoot. Pausing for an unforgettable wedding day kiss in front of the lush green mountains with the snowy peaks of the Rockies taking center stage, you couldn’t find a more beautiful place.

When it comes to unique wedding photos, I always tell couples to follow their heart. If the two fell in love on long afternoons in the mountains, it only makes sense to have those same mountains be a guest of honor on the wedding day. Whether it’s standing in front of wildflowers for a romantic moment or whitewater rafting, the best creative wedding photography is always inspired by one-of-a-kind couples.

Location: Aspen, Colorado.

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