Denver Four Seasons flower girl photo
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Denver Four Seasons flower girl photo

No matter what the occasion is and who the celebrants are, a cute little girl dressed in white can always steal the show.

Just look at this image captured by the photographer where this cute little girl bites her finger as she smiles for the camera. Wouldn’t the crowd turn their attention instantly to this little one who graces the floor with a genuine smile and a look of excitement? She confidently walks in the middle without any assistance, as if practicing to be a bride someday.

She carries a little brown basket full of vibrant flowers as she makes her way to the front of the ceremony venue. She was even made more lovely by those red doll shoes on her feet. In fact, you can see the crowd behind her looking so impressed at her overall look and at how confidently and gracefully she carries herself.

The couple in this wedding truly picked the right flower girl because she does not feel shy or frightened at all by the large crowd watching her. We know how challenging it is to make kids follow instructions, but this girl in the image is an exceptional child who bravely does what all flower girls are supposed to do.

Location: 1111 14th St.

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