Same sex photography Four Seasons Wedding
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Same sex photography Four Seasons Wedding

A wedding photographer can never go wrong with a mountainous background filled with lush green trees and a whole bunch of nature surrounding the couple.

This splendid and refreshing wedding photo reflects the unparalleled compatibility of love and nature. When two people who just tied the knot are placed in a nature-packed background, you will not need any dramatic poses to create a beautiful photo.

Just let the lovers interact with each other naturally and click the shutter the moment you see a natural facial expression that will complete a perfect scene. The artist behind this image surely had an eye for detail and the needed creativity to capture an image as refreshing as this.

She positioned the couple on the right side of the image, following the rule of thirds so that the viewers can give equal attention to the newlyweds and to the magnificent nature surrounding them. Aside from the color-rich natural background, the photo is nice to look at because of the happy faces shown in the image.

You can feel the joy inside these newlyweds’ hearts now that they have officially tied the knot. It’s both a privilege and a winning moment for them.

Location: 1 Vail Rd.

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