Allie's Cabin Wedding Photos by Colorado Photographer
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Allie's Cabin Wedding Photos by Colorado Photographer

We always live for the moments that take our breath away. It can be that a night out with your closest friends, the birth of your child, or accomplishing something important for the world. One of the best and biggest moments you can have is your wedding. This day is filled with so many moments that will eventually be the most amazing memories you and your spouse will ever have. And one of these moments is your first few minutes being married and far away from the crowd. Amidst the view of your Colorado mountain wedding, you won’t forget the spectacle of being with the one you love the most.

Being in the middle of this quiet moment with your new spouse gives you a chance to let it all sink in. You’ve managed to pull off an amazing wedding and there’s nothing left but to enjoy it. You look around and see the beauty of the mountains. You turn around to see your spouse and you know the moment is perfect for a kiss. Take it and seal your new marriage right then and there. Make the moment count so you’ll remember it for the rest of your life. You can even tell your kids and grandkids about it in the future.

Location: Beaver Creek, Colorado.

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