Bride Jess Cummings celebrity wedding photography
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Bride Jess Cummings celebrity wedding photography

People come and go into your life but your friends will always be there for you. If they can be there during the worst of times, you can expect them to be present during one of the most important events in a person’s life – your wedding. These people know you intimately after all of the happy and challenging memories you shared with each other. 

A good way to have a wonderful wedding is to involve your friends in the conceptualization and eventual planning of your big day. You can create specific tasks for each of these people to make them feel important to you. For instance, you can ask a buddy of yours to book a florist that suits your preferences. Meanwhile, you can ask assistance from a friend during your food tasting responsibilities. It doesn’t matter how big or small the responsibility is because getting to bond with your friends on something as momentous as a wedding is a reward that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

Once you have accomplished the preparations with your fiancée and friends, it’s now time to enjoy the fruit of your efforts. Get your wedding gown on, enjoy the scenery of a Colorado destination wedding, and say your vows to the person you love the most. Afterwards, have a grand time with your friends during the reception.

The wedding story ... I'm so excited to share this fabulous Beaver Creek, Colorado wedding.  I recently had the honor of photographing for Jessica and Jon Reedy at Beano's Cabin on June 19th. JoAnn Moore, of Mountains and Meadows, was the fantastic wedding coordinator and not a single detail was missed. JoAnn did such an amazing job with this wedding and it is always such a relief to work with such talented professionals. A huge thank you goes out to her for the referral of this fantastic couple. As you will see momentarily, both Jessica and Jon are beyond gorgeous people and it was funny because we kept getting stopped in the Beaver Creek village by passers-by wanting to know if we were shooting a "real" wedding or if they were models. I started responding: Both! :-)

Jess (previously Cumming), aka, the "princess of the pipe" was not only a vision of a bride, but she is also a US Olympic half-pipe skier. Jon is an extreme skier as well (they met skiing!) and the two of them combined have more than a gaggle of skier friends that helped their reception party bounce well into the night. I learned something new too. Apparently, when a skier spills a beer, they have to drink one out of a ski boot! One of the female skier guests got caught spilling, and since there was no boot around, they used someones shoe right off their foot! Wow! Remind me to never spill my beer around hard-core skiers. ;-)

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