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My portfolio is made up of individual images from dozens of weddings I've shot over the years. Their purpose is to provide you examples of what you can expect from our work together.

Looking through your gallery will feel more like reading an all time favorite book. The wedding experience is made up of numerous individual moments and stories that are woven together to form the final story. Each one of those moments and stories are special in their own right and my aim is to capture them all.

There are a few special "chapters" within the overall experience that I like to point out.

BRIDAL portraits

As far as wedding photography priorities, I absolutely recommend using your budget on wedding photography AND engagement photos (see my opinion on the importance of engagement pictures HERE). However, for those who can, bridal photography or even the edgier bridal boudoir photography can be a lot of fun and can result in some incredibly unique and special photos.

Bridal photography is a special and intimate photo session focusing on the bride in her wedding dress prior to the wedding. These photos are a very popular Southern wedding tradition.

I’ve always enjoyed these sessions as I can take more time with them. We can pick the when and where – not only in a unique location, but at a different time of day than the wedding. Simply put, more time flexibility often yields better photos.

However, I believe the best reason to consider bridal photography is using it as a test run. It’s the perfect opportunity to see how your entire bridal ensemble (gown, hair, makeup, and the like) go together.


As far as bridal boudoir photography … in preparation for the big day, you’ve been hitting the gym and have tried every diet known to humans. Your figure is rocking! Boudoir photography can be seen not only as a fun and sexy gift for your man, but can also be a reward to yourself for the hard work you’ve been putting in. We only go around once, why not document yourself, at your absolute best, while having a little bit of edgy and sexy fun!


People often show me examples of the wedding couple scaling cliffs, jumping into the ocean in their wedding gowns, and the like. They don’t understand how the couple has time to do this on their wedding day. The short answer is that they don’t.

What a lot of people don’t realize is that many of these wedding photographs are taken the day after the wedding. All stress is completely gone. The wedding dress has served its purpose. The couple is on day one of the rest of their lives. These photos are often the most creative and adventurous.

These types of wedding photography sessions certainly go above and beyond. But let’s not forget, these pictures will outlast all other expenses of the wedding day. They often outlast even us. Might as well go epic.


I feel it important to call out my appreciation for ALL LOVE. As you will see in my portfolio, I document love stories and create art with couples regardless of their beliefs and backgrounds. I’m here to capture the love and beauty of the moment regardless of what it looks like or believes.


When it comes to Colorado weddings, it’s easy to think of luxury destinations like Aspen, Vail, and Telluride. But there is just something about a wedding in the Mile-High City of Denver. Denver touts its own Rocky Mountain charm with over 300 days of sunshine and a picturesque location back dropped by 200 snow capped peaks and a piercing the sky.

I’ve shot countless Denver and Boulder weddings and know the insides and outs of all their top locations. I’ll even wager I know a few secret hidden corners to grab that unique shot. With that said, one of the things I love about getting hired as a Denver wedding photographer is pushing myself to find new unique shots – even in the old traditional locations.

I’ve had the absolute privilege and honor of shooting at Denver wedding venues such as the Four Seasons, the Ritz Carlton, Crooked Willow Farms, Spruce Mountain Ranch, the Sanctuary Golf Course, Denver Country Club, the Broadmoor, and Blanc among others.

Trust me when I tell you that there is so much more to this amazing city than the incredible craft beer and well … that other stuff.


I don’t just live in Colorado, but I consider myself of Colorado. As a photographer, I have found this gorgeous state to be a mecca for couples I truly connect with, whether they are from here or they are seeking out Colorado specifically for their destination wedding.

It’s a state that brings out the adventurous spirit in people – and a place that draws in the aesthetically conscious. It provides both the backdrop and the nature for me to create stunning works of art with couples regardless of the time of year.

Everyone wants to get married on the beach, right? Not always. I’ll take a Colorado mountain wedding any day of the week and twice on Sunday. I might be biased. I was raised in Colorado. I’ve spent my life exploring and playing in the Rocky Mountains. Colorado truly speaks to my adventurous soul. There is just something incredibly special about a wedding in the mountains of Colorado.

The beach has one season. Colorado has four – each and every one of them providing an extremely unique and diverse backdrop for the perfect wedding photos. If you’re planning a wedding in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and don’t have much experience here, I’d love to help you. I’ve chased down some of my most beautiful wedding photographs in a myriad of the top wedding destinations in the Rocky Mountains. So, what are some of the best wedding venues in Colorado? Some of my favorites Colorado wedding venues in Beaver Creek include: Allie’s Cabin, Beano’s Cabin, Beaver Creek Wedding Deck, Red Sky Ranch, Saddle Ridge, Spruce Saddle Lodge, and The Ritz-Carlton Bachelor Gulch. In Breckenridge: Ten-Mile Station. In Keystone: Alpenglow Stube, Timber Ridge, Keystone Ranch. In Snowmass/Aspen: Viceroy, The Little Nell, the Roaring Fork Club, and the Wedding Deck on Aspen Mountain.

I have substantial experience at all of these Colorado wedding venues and would absolutely love to create unique art with during your special life moments. A Colorado wedding? Yes please!

More about Frances photography ...

One of my favorite photographers, Ansel Adams, once said “The single most important component of a camera is the twelve inches behind it” If true, then it follows that a piece of the photographer can be found in every image they capture…

I was raised the oldest of three sisters by parents who instilled in us their sense of adventure, their love of travel, and their appreciation of art. We learned to ski and walk at the same time and were taught to work hard and to play hard. We were encouraged to climb trees, go barefoot, build forts, catch fish, ride bikes, play instruments, bounce on trampolines, to read, sing and dance.

We were taught not to be controlled by fear, but instead how to feel it, acknowledge it, and then do the scary thing anyway. We were shown by example how to respect relationships, the importance of family, and what unconditional love looks like. We were raised to value memories over materials.

We were taught to be sensitive to others no matter what their background, color, class, or privilege. We were shown how to love our furry family members. We were encouraged every step of the way to love deeply, to share honestly, to forgive quickly. Our emotional intelligence was highlighted. And our connection and empathy were fostered.

My name is Frances and I aim to produce images that surprise you, bring you joy, and will live on in your heart, home, and family history forever. I want you to remember how you felt in those precious fleeting moments AND, I want you enjoy the experience while I chase after the memory for you. This life is meant to be lived. It is meant to be remembered….

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