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Black Canyon Inn Wedding Photos Colorado Photogapher

A wedding picture of the couple kissing each other so sincerely is one of the required items in every shot list of a photographer. Aside from the getting ready shots and the reception photos, there has to be at least one winning kiss shot that does not look fake or posed at all. When printing physical photos and wedding albums, it is imperative to include an image where the bride and groom are kissing genuinely.

This black and white image captured by one of the skilled wedding photographers for this occasion exceeded expectations by using a beautiful foreground for this image. She was not satisfied by just instructing the couple to kiss each other. Instead, she gave the couple some space and tried to find a winning element that turned this wedding photo into something extraordinary.

We cannot say for sure what the foreground of this image is, but it was the perfect frame for this scene. From where the photographer behind this image stands, she could really capture the sincerity of this moment because the newlyweds here are not so conscious of her presence. They could express their genuine love and passion for each other through that kiss.

Location: 333 E Wonderview Ave Estes Park, Colorado.

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