Bride Groom photo at Denver Wedding Venue Welshire Inn
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Bride Groom photo at Denver Wedding Venue Welshire Inn

Winter Wedding Photos in Denver

There is nothing like being in love. Falling head over heels for someone then walking down the aisle is one of the best memories in any person’s life. One of my favorite things about wedding photography is capturing that moment when a couple truly realizes just how lucky they are to have each other.

While I love creating unique wedding photos and snapping outdoor wedding photography with the majestic Rocky Mountains in the backdrop, even the most beautiful venue fades into the background when you witness those perfect “I’m so lucky to have you” moments between a couple.

Having just tied the knot at one of the most stunning Denver wedding venues, I was able to snap an outdoor wedding pics of this lucky in love pair. Just as they were about to kiss, delicate little flakes of snow began to fly around them. It was an undoubtedly magical moment.

From start to finish, I adored the classic wedding theme of this lovely pair. The groom wore a classic black and white suit while the bride was stunning in a timeless ivory white wedding dress with long lace sleeves and a beautiful updo with curled ringlets. She had a bouquet of seasonal flowers while he wore a corsage with a few standards form her bouquet. Standing in front of a stately brick property, it was a picture perfect scene. It is so easy to imagine the bride and groom passing this wedding shot down to their children and grandchildren. I opted to put this wedding pic in black and white to highlight the ageless beauty of their love that is sure to endure the test of time.

Location: 3333 S Colorado Blvd, Denver, CO 80222.

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