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Crooked Willow Farms Wedding Photos Colorado

The groom may be the second best thing after the bride during a wedding. But he does not mind that at all. Even if the attention of the crowd is focused on his bride, the groom will always feel the luckiest on that day. Why not, when he is the one this gorgeous bride will spend the rest of her life with? Sounds fair, he may think.

That lucky feeling inside every groom is reflected in this photo captured by a talented Denver wedding photographer. It may be in black and white, without any vibrance or colors at all. But the genuine smile of this groom is all that is needed for this photo to express a truly joyous ambiance.

If you look at the groom here, you wouldn’t think he is just following instructions from a photographer. It even looks like the reflection of the groom in front of the mirror as he tells himself that he is the happiest man alive this day because he is trying the knot with the love of his life.

In this image taken while he prepares himself for the ceremony, he looks so calm, without any trace of nervousness or panic. You just know that deep inside, he cannot be happier that the day he has been praying for has finally come.

Location: 10554 S Perry Park Rd Larkspur, Colorado.

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