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Denver Wedding Photographer Cable Center Wedding Photos

Your wedding day is a festival of love! It is a day of happiness, laughter, tears of joy, singing, dancing, and celebration. It’s that day of your life when the event gravitates on the you and the love of your life. Everyone expresses their joy that you and your spouse are finally and officially getting exclusive.

After the wedding ceremony, the first time that the couple and their guests can be informal and funky is during the photo shoot. It’s that period after all the formalities of a wedding that you can spend time with your spouse and the members of the entourage laughing and getting crazy in front of the camera.

Although experienced Denver photographers would direct you to do specific poses, they will also give you a chance to come up with your own poses and to let you have fun because it’s your day after all!

In this black and white wedding photo, the newlyweds and their friends show off their sunnies to the photographer. You know that they are putting their A Game on as they compete on who wears the sunnies better. You can only imagine how they laughed after the photographer clicked the shutter to capture this image.

Location: 2000 Buchtel Blvd S Denver, Colorado.

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