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House on the Hill Wedding Photos Austin Texas

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For these newlyweds, there’s no better way to cap the day of their wedding than a joyful kiss under the beautiful outdoor string lights, away from the guests but satisfied in the arms of each other. After all, their union, not anything or anybody or else, is the reason for the celebration.

As a wedding photographer, I adore the fairy lights wedding trend. It creates such a dreamy look for outdoor wedding photo shoots. A canopy full of sparkling lights is the perfect background for photos of all kinda. Whether it’s an outdoor wedding or just a small space outside of the reception hall, photo-friendly lighting is a must!

One common mistake that engaged couples planning their wedding photo albums make is forgetting about night photo shoots. They have so much potential! In fact, some of my favorite outdoor wedding photos were done after dark. Night photos at a wedding take on a completely different feeling. The atmosphere is different and you can feel it. The big day is coming to an end and all of those pre-wedding jitters have vanished. After dinner and a couple drinks, couples tend to be at ease and ready for a carefree, romantic photo-shoot in the dark. While couples tend to have after-dark wedding photos off their radar, they are often end up being amongst their most loved wedding photos.

In fact, wedding venues tend to take on a range of different atmospheres throughout the day. As a wedding photographer, it’s my mission to capture those feelings! Nighttime wedding photos are all about reflecting the romance of the moment. With this Colorado couple on a destination wedding in Austin, Texas, you can just feel the excitement in the air.

Location: 319 Addie Roy Road Austin, Texas.

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