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Vail Wedding Photographers Colorado Mountain Wedding

When attending a wedding of a family member or a close friend, you can expect a lot of special moments to happen from the wedding ceremony to the reception. There will be joyful moments when you will all smile and laugh, and emotional ones when your hearts will melt because of the beautiful scenes in the wedding. You’ll also hear touching speeches and see the bride and groom crying while reciting their vows.

All these things are expected in a wedding. But one thing that you wouldn’t always expect is a funny wedding minister who says jokes like a standup comedian. What we usually see is a wedding minister or priest who gives a lesson about marriage and family life. But looking at this picture, you can only assume that these guests are listening to a very funny minister who tells hilarious jokes.

The wedding photographer behind this image could even be laughing as well as he captures this photo. As we can all see, the guests here are laughing so hard as they listen to the wedding minister preach. Although we can’t hear what he’s saying, it’s safe to assume that he really made this marriage ceremony extra special by lightening the mood up with his jokes and stories.

Location: 19 Vail Road Vail, Colorado.

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